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University Supervisors


University supervisors play a critical role in setting the tone for a successful edTPA experience for both our teacher candidates and  PK-12 partners.  At the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, this role includes supporting candidates during the completion of the edTPA as well as introducing and assisting their cooperating teachers in understanding what the edTPA is, why candidates need to complete it and how they fit into its completion - this important conversation should occur during the initial triad meeting (early in the student teaching semester/quarter).

Teacher Candidate Support

  • Evaluation and feedback can be provided to teacher candidates and used as formative experience, shaping their work on the
    edTPA, but feedback on edTPA artifacts (e.g., lesson plans, instructional materials, video clips, or student work samples) is not permitted.
  • Because the type of feedback that is encouraged and expected by university supervisors may influence a teacher candidate's decision making and performance, it is recommended that the university supervisor NOT observe the teacher candidate during the week in which they are completing their edTPA instruction (particularly not during the selected learning segment). 

Cooperating Teacher Support

  • Help cooperating teachers understand how they can assist their teacher candidates before and during the edTPA.
  • Discuss the connection between the edTPA and Educator Effectiveness models.



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Teachers Who Support Teacher Candidates

Using edTPA

Additional resources available to UW Oshkosh teacher candidates include IT specialists, a Tk20 specialist, department/content professionals and an edTPA Coordinator.


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