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Cooperating Teachers


Cooperating teachers play an essential role in supporting, mentoring and preparing teacher candidates for a successful future as an effective educator. At the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, this role includes supporting candidates during the completion of the edTPA, a required performance assessment leading to licensure that requires a demonstration of what they can and will do in the classroom to help all students learn.

Although they don't take a direct role in helping teacher candidates complete their edTPA, cooperating teachers do play an important role in helping them understand the dynamics of the classroom, the personalities, abilities and needs of the students, the methods and strategies specific to the curriculum, and the importance of actionable assessment and feedback. Providing assistance with the logistics in preparing for the edTPA, sharing the justifications behind the decision-making inherent in planning, instruction and assessment, and discussing insights from observations of lessons prior to the edTPA teaching week will pave the way to both a successful edTPA and overall student teaching experience.

Teacher candidates are given all the resources necessary to complete their edTPA and may share them with cooperating teachers. University Supervisors are familiar with or can help find answers to questions concerning the edTPA. Additional resources available to UW Oshkosh teacher candidates include IT specialists, a Tk20 specialist, department/content professionals and an edTPA Coordinator.

A heartfelt thank you to all cooperating teachers who open their doors to our teacher candidates.

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