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Teacher Candidates

 Information for Teacher Candidates 

Meeting Days

  • The edTPA Kick-Off is held in August for fall student teachers and mid January for spring student teachers.
  • Three required Writing Days are held from 8:30-3:30, usually on Fridays, during the first 7 weeks of student teaching. These support days are designed to provide you with time to focus on your edTPA and include the following.
    • Large group meetings
    • Content group meetings
    • Instructors, supervisors, technology specialists, Tk20 specialist and edTPA Coordinator assistance
    • Assigned and flexible work spaces


  • Handbook
    • Teacher candidates will be assigned an appropriate edTPA Handbook (HB) based on major, licensure, student teaching placement, and list of allowable HBs provided by the WI DPI.
    • The HB, along with supporting documents, is your guide to the edTPA’s requirements, structure, language, and evaluation rubrics.
  • Supporting documents
    • Task Overviews, Submission Specification Charts, Glossary - all found in HB
    • Making Good Choices
    • Understanding Rubric Level Progressions (URLPs)
    • Understanding Academic Language
    • Thinking Organizers
  • Resource site(s)
    • You will be required to enroll in an edTPA Writing Seminar course where you will find your handbooks, associated resources, tips, Q & A, Writing Day agendas, etc.
  • Technology support professionals
  • University Writing Center
  • Instructors, university supervisors, cooperating teachers, peers, Tk20 specialist, edTPA Coordinator
  • Pearson edTPA site (www.edtpa.com) - the official source of information for candidates and faculty
  • AACTE edTPA site (http://edtpa.aacte.org) - public information


  • Teacher candidates who do not meet the WI passing edTPA score will be required to retake all or part of the edTPA in order to be endorsed for licensure.
  • To begin the retake process, the teacher candidate is responsible for contacting their Department Chair/Content Specialist and edTPA Coordinator (edTPA@uwosh.edu) within 48 hours of receiving the edTPA Score Report to schedule a Retake Meeting where the teacher candidate will be advised of their options.


For more information, contact the edTPA Coordinator, at edTPA@uwosh.edu.

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