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Candidate Testimonials

Stephanie Verhasselt.jpg Stephanie Verhasselt - used 6/17

It was important for me to obtain my early childhood regular education teaching license. I loved the job I had, co-teaching integrated kindergarten. However, I wanted to ensure that if something were ever to happen to my position, I could continue to be a classroom teacher at that grade level. The add-on program made this very easy for me as I was already doing the work I needed for the license. I’m so happy I found the add-on program!!


  Jennifer Henselin - used 7/17

When our speech teacher left in our school, I had the push I needed to obtain a secondary education Communication license. Working closely with the UWO Communication professors and the add-on program staff, I completed my add-on license work in only two years. The program was flexible, realistic for a full-time teacher to complete, and offered an opportunity for reflection of my instructional practice. I'm so grateful for the experience and to everyone at UWO who supported me! 

     Jackie Drews

I am a forever learner!  I enjoy learning new things and being able to share that knowledge with others.  As an adult, wife, mother, home-owner, and full-time teacher, new learning is not easy and can be hard to schedule.  With the add-on licensure program at UW-Oshkosh learning was fun and convenient.  I was able to work at my own pace and access the learning from anywhere at anytime!  Staff was easy to work with and offered alternatives to traditional course projects so time spent was well worth it.  With school districts facing budget cuts, teachers are often required to gain certifications in areas that are not within their content area to fill state requirements.  The on-online format allowed easy access which is  the best way to go when you are a busy professional trying to add a certification area.  I am so grateful for the pleasant experience I was given with this program.

Profile image of Greg Basthemer  Greg Basthemer

Having completed much of my coursework as a math major I was interested in extending my existing 1-8 license into the high school ranks in order to make myself as flexible for my district as possible.  I had heard about the Add-On program from a co-worker and after some investigating I knew that this was the program I was looking for.  The staff was very helpful, flexible, and patient knowing how hectic a teachers schedule can be.  I very much enjoyed my experience with the Add-On program and would recommend it to anyone who is seeking to extend their license like myself, or earn their teaching license for future employment.

Profile image of Candace Cook    Candace Cook 

If I could pinpoint the most important piece of knowledge that I gained through the experience of getting my add-on licensure, it would be that successful art education has its roots in visual problem-solving and storytelling. I was able to delve deeper into the developmental stages of young children and gained new knowledge about not only how important they all are but also how to positively guide a student's exploration of their emerging visual language.

I feel that I have a much richer understanding of the developmental sequence of visual language from the beginning of early markmaking to adolescence. That has led me to create more developmentally appropriate units during this process. My teaching has concentrated on providing the most well-rounded program possible. I know that the education I received from this add-on license has helped me to be a better teacher.


Richelle Jochem - used

I'm a very busy wife, mother, and science teacher of seven preps. When I discovered that I needed an additional two licences I was scrambling to figure out what to do. Thankfully, I discovered the UW Oshkosh Add-Onl Program. I was able to take all of my courses online and write my portfolio in less than two years! I felt such a sense of accomplishment when I was done, and had gained a lot of knowledge and course materials for my classroom. I would highly recommend UW Oshkosh Add-On Program, the staff is wonderful, and the online resources are very helpful. Thank you EXCEL!


Profile image of Cheryl Kilker  Cheryl Kilker

"As a mid-career professional seeking to return to teach in the classroom, I was thrilled to learn of UW Oshkosh's EXCEL Center!  The Add-on Licensure program was a perfect fit for me! The staff is wonderful in helping me to achieve my goals. By adding additional licenses to my Broad Field Social Studies degree, I am more marketable to school districts. In fact, I will again be teaching high school psychology this fall!  The EXCEL center's Add On Licensure program enables me to use my life experience to positively impact students. I highly recommend the Add On Licensure Program through the EXCEL center!


Profile image of Ann Schultz   Ann Schultz

As a principal, I am always looking for the best way to effectively and efficiently staff our school so that the needs of our students are met. Scheduling courses that our students are required to take and desire becomes a jigsaw puzzle of resource allocation. Having teachers who are content certified and highly qualified in multiple content areas is truly a blessing. It gives me as a principal the opportunity to pull together a master schedule that best meets the needs of all of my students. I was thrilled to learn of the UW Oshkosh's Center for Additional Teaching Licenses! The Add-on Licensure program has allowed my teachers at Oshkosh West High School to gain additional licensure and achieve their own personal goals of increasing their knowledge and skills so that they are well prepared to meet the variety of needs of our learners. I highly recommend the UW Oshkosh Add On Licensure Program.


Profile image of Jennifer Stobbe  Jennifer Stobbe

The Add-On Program has had an immense impact on my development as a teacher, and therefore my students' learning, by allowing me to become more knowledgeable in the field of English and language arts and to improve my skills in English education. I have learned a lot about myself as a teacher by reflecting upon my dispositions and taking classes to help me make changes and improvements, where necessary, to my curriculum. Through the program I was given the opportunity to better understand the discipline as well as myself as an educator.



Profile image of Steve Walsh   Steve Walsh - used

The Add-On Program is great!!!!!!!! As a full time teacher who also works most nights as a WIAA Official, finding the time and program to pursue my Adaptive Physical Education Certification was hard to do. Then I found UW-Oshkosh's Add-On Program. The staff informed me of what I needed, and did all the leg work and registration for me. They were so helpful when I needed questions answered or if I didn't know what to do next. The course work was of great importance to me and the online classes fit great into my busy schedule. I was able to complete the certification in one school year!!! I have and will continue to HIGHLY recommend UW-Oshkosh's Add-On Program to any teachers who are looking to further their education while pursuing further certifications.


 Profile image of Dan Van Eperen   Dan Van Eperen - used

Enrolling in the Add-On Licensure Program at UWO made it very convenient for me to achieve my professional goal of adding on a Social Studies license while still being able to continue my current teaching placement, and without putting too much stress on my family. The staff of the Center were rockstars when it came to helping me through all the requirements needed to add on my license. This is a program that I would definitely recommend to any educator that is looking to further their careers by adding on an additional teaching license.

Profile image of Carl Kaiser  Carl Kaiser - used

Upon finishing my initial teaching license in broadfield science, biology, and chemistry, I had a goal to obtain a physics concentration in order to broaden my jobs prospects both now and in the future.  I researched several pathways to add on a license and the Add-on program caught my eye because of its flexibility and ability to accommodate a working professional.  They assisted me in finding prerequisite courses that I could complete and the entire process was guided by the staff at the Excel Center.  The majority of the other surrounding University programs in the area required me to take prerequisites during daytime hours which was impossible for me to complete.  I am currently teaching in the area of my Add-on, thanks to the program, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to broaden their licensure area.


Lisa Sipher-Vieau - used

As I move forward in the pursuit of an English position, I can't help but look back to appreciate my accomplishments. Going into the add-on program, I started with only ideas. Seeing my ideas evolve and flourish has given me the confidence I have needed all along. I feel now more than ever in my life that I have finally found something that I was made to do, something that I am actually good at doing. This notion has not only enriched my professional life, but my personal life as well.

Sadie Swedberg - used Profile Image for Sadie Swedberg

WOW! This program is fantastic! After checking into several options, it was clear that the Add-On Program at UWO was perfect for me! They were able to work with me to determine what courses I needed to complete in a timely manner. They also gave me suggestions as to where and when the courses were offered. They were VERY flexible and worked with me to complete my Student Teaching Placement within my current job. I was treated like a professional and they were very accommodating!

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