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Faculty & Staff

Program Staff 

Profile image of Penny Buckley

Penny Buckley, MA

Elementary Program Coordinator 

(920) 424-3330

Profile image of Barbara Herzog

Barb Herzog, PhD

Secondary Program Coordinator 

(920) 424-3330


Vijay Hira, MS

Academic Department Associate

(920) 424-3330


Instructional Staff

EC-MC Compacted Content/Methods Courses - summer

Ann Mickelson, PhD

Office: NE 411 

Phone: (920) 424-7226 


EC-MC Compacted Content/Methods Courses - summer

Rebecca Hoffman, MA




MC-EA Compacted Methods- fall and spring

Christie Blanton, MA

Email: blantonc@uwosh.edu

Music Compacted Methods - summer

Kenneth Liske, Ph.D., M.M., B.M.

Office: Arts&Comm N228

Phone: (920) 424-7029

Email: liske@uwosh.edu

World Languages Methods

Richard DCamp, PhD

Office: Clow Faculty 233

Phone: (920) 424-0911

Email: dcamp@uwosh.edu






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