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Student Teaching Options

Traditional field placement or student teaching placement is typically a school district semester of hands-on final fieldwork, under the supervision of a cooperating teacher, where students practice and apply all they have learned, including creating lesson plans, applying assessment tools, and gaining insights on administrative duties.

The director determines what type of field placement(s) is required for the candidate based upon previous fieldwork, and departmental and DPI requirements.  Classroom placements are then sought working in tandem with candidates, university departments, relevant school administrators and human resource offices.

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Teacher in Residency (TIR)

There are three TIR programs available that offer a true immersion experience using co-teaching with intense professional development.

International Student Teaching

International student teaching is an exciting option for adventurous, qualified teacher candidates who will spend one half of their student teaching stateside.

UW- Milwaukee's Guest Student Teaching Program

UW-Milwaukee’s School of Education offers a Guest Student Teaching | Internship (GSTI) program to facilitate successful student teaching placements and experiences in Milwaukee area schools for teacher candidates from other institutes of higher education (IHE).