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Cooperating Teacher

Resources and Information

Getting Started

Thank you, for dedicating your time and talents to our UWO student teachers. We truly appreciate your willingness to impart your knowledge, give feedback, and help our UWO student teachers grow and develop so they can impact the lives and learning of students in their own classrooms next semester. We truly could not make this happen without your help! 

Professional Education Program
Rachel Derginer
(920) 424-7044
Sage 1613

Important Dates

  • Jan. 8th: Student Teaching Orientation

  • End of March: Qu. 3 placements ONLY: complete student’s evaluation and final narrative at the end of the placement

  • April 15: Mock Interviews

  • May 21: Qu. 4 and semester placements: complete student’s evaluation and final narrative at the end of the placement

  • June 4: UWO official graduation date

Cooperating Teacher Handbook

We took all the parts of the lengthy Student Teaching Handbook that pertain to you, and compiled it into a smaller handbook specifically for Cooperating Teachers!

There is a lot of great information in the handbook about your role, the role of your student teacher, expectations for the semester, and a few suggested timelines. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns!

TK20 Student Teacher Evaluation Forms

Tk20 is an online data management system used by our UWO Teacher Education Program. Each Student Teacher will have a Tk20 Field Experience Binder, which will house his or her artifacts, University Supervisor evaluations, and your Cooperating Teacher evaluation. These evaluations are required for licensure.


Prior to the end of your student teacher’s placement, please complete:

  • Field Experience Evaluation: Cooperating Teacher Form

  • Final Narrative (upload)

Logging into TK20

An automated email with a direct link to your student teacher’s Field Experience Binder was sent at the start of the semester. This automated email will look like it is from and the subject will be “Field Assessment: for [student name].

This email is only sent once per semester, so please SAVE THIS EMAIL so you have access to your evaluations at the end of the placement. If you did not receive your link, please contact

Wisconsin Improvement Program Internships

The Wisconsin Improvement Program (WIP) interns are preservice teachers enrolled in one of Wisconsin’s educator preparation programs who complete a paid internship as their student teaching experience (p. 2). The internship opportunity is provided by a school district, is vetted and approved by the WIP Director at the DPI.

The intern experience is an important component of a teacher preparation program, and all parties must strive to ensure that a supportive learning environment exists. The WIP internship is guided by a team that consists of the intern, a cooperating teacher, select school staff, and the educator preparation program supervisor (p. 3).

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Student Teacher Supervisor Training Course

The UW Oshkosh Supervision Course is designed for teachers who are planning on becoming (DPI qualified) Cooperating Teachers. 

This course is free and self-paced.  Course submissions are usually reviewed every Monday. You will receive a certificate of completion via e-mail after your submissions have been reviewed.

You will need to create an account with Canvas in order to enroll in the course.  Click on the button below to create your account. Select the “I am a Student” option.  The invitation code for the course is: BXHWDG

Questions can be directed to