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Gateway 2

After admissions to College of Education and Human Services (COEHS)

After admission to the COEHS Teacher Education program, students should continue to take USP, education, and other courses in their major and minor. Download a planning sheet for the list of required courses.  In addition, students should continue to visit their UARC adviser until they are assigned a faculty advisor  After students complete at least 40 credits they will be required to meet with their assigned faculty advisor prior to registering for any additional coursework.

Students must complete the following steps prior to applying for student teaching:

  • Completed or currently enrolled in all required courses. 
  • Wisconsin Foundations of Reading Test (FORT) (if applicable)
  • Human Relations Requirement
    • Individuals with Special Abilities (Usually completed in Special Ed 352)
    • Diverse Students (Usually completed in EDLSP 406)
    • If these courses were not completed at UWO, the student should complete the Human Relations requirement as described here: Human Relations Requirement
  • Content Assessment
    • The Content Assessment requirement is completed if a student has a Combined GPA of 3.0 or by Passing the appropriate Praxis II or ACTFL exam.
    • For some programs, students who do not pass the Praxis II or ACTFL may be able to complete a content portfolio. This content portfolio is evaluated by program faculty to determine if the student meets the Content Assessment requirement.  Students should contact the department chair for their program, or the Associate Dean of COEHS to discuss the content portfolio process.

Support Resource
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Teacher Education



Kathryn Allen, Associate Dean
 (920) 424-3159
Schedule a meeting with Kathryn

Recruitment and Transferring

Kathryn Allen, Associate Dean
 (920) 424-3159
 Schedule an advising appointment with Kathryn

Clinical Placements

Rachel Derginer
(920) 424-1147

Graduation without a License

Kathryn Allen, Associate Dean
 (920) 424-3159
Schedule a meeting with Kathryn

Student Teaching Applications
Rachel Derginer
(920) 424-1147

Tamara Mastey
  (920) 424-4444