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The undergraduate Teacher Education Program prepares students to become a licensed teacher.  The program is structured around a series of four gateways to ensure that students are meeting all of the licensure, major and degree requirements.

Gateway 1

Program Admission

First Year and Sophomore Year
  • Complete direct admission application (if eligible – first year or transfer students)
  • Attend the mandatory group advising
  • Begin University Studies Program (USP) coursework
  • Visit an Undergraduate Advising Resource Center (UARC) adviser 
  • Take elementary education 110 and 235
  • Consider joining a student education group
  • Apply to the College of Education and Human Services (COEHS) after 26 credits if not directly admitted

Gateway 2

Program Requirements

Sophomore and Junior Years
  • Continue USP curriculum
  • Begin coursework in major and education curriculum
  • Begin field experiences
  • Meet with an Undergraduate Advising Resource Center (UARC) adviser to create a plan to graduation.
  • Identify and participate in activities involving K-12 students
  • Participate in Career and Professional Development workshops
  • When a minimum of 55 credits or more (40 credits for Physical Ed) are earned meet with your assigned COEHS faculty adviser

Gateway 3

Apply for Student Teaching

Junior and Senior Years
  • Complete major and education program coursework
  • Complete the content assessment
  • Take the FORT exam (if needed)
  • Achieve a leadership role within a student organization
  • Participate in a Career and Professional Development resume workshop
  • Apply for student teaching experience (March 1 or October 1 of the semester before student teaching)

Gateway 4

Student Teaching and Program Completion

Senior Year
  • Begin student teaching
  • Participate in the mock interview day
  • Develop a career search plan
  • Submit teaching license application
  • Apply for graduation