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Tk20 by Watermark is an online assessment management system required to upload and store student and program data for state and national accreditation purposes. COEHS students will upload certain tasks in Tk20 so their development can be assessed according to standards associated with their program. Tasks could include applications, course assignments, field experience evaluations, and content portfolios.

Students and assessors will be notified by department staff, course instructors, or the Assessment Office when a task is due in Tk20.

You will need to purchase a TK20 account once you have been admitted to the teacher education program.

Compatibility when using Tk20

Compatibility when using Tk20

To access all of Tk20 functionalities, we recommend using a desktop computer or laptop with a strong internet connection.  Tk20 is a web-based system. The latest versions of these browsers are recommended for optimal use of TK20:

  • Google Chrome™
  • Mozilla Firefox® *
  • Apple Safari®

* Tk20 recommends using Mozilla Firefox if you work on a Linux® platform.


Login Information

After purchase, it can take up to 10 business days for your account to be activated. The Assessment Office will email you your login information and additional instructions once your account is active.

You can access your account at


Avoid Losing Work


  • Tk20 should only be opened in one window. If you open Tk20 in multiple windows, you will lose work.
  • Don’t use your web browser buttons to navigate in Tk20 (back button, etc.) You could also lose work and be signed out.
  • Use the navigation buttons built within Tk20 only.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Visit Tk20’s FAQ for more information and Tk20 customer support contact information. This page also includes how to recall tasks that were submitted.

If you have questions for a specific task you are working on, when you are in that project in Tk20, click the HELP button in the upper right corner of the page. It should then direct you to quick guides that are specified to the area you are working in.