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Student Stories 

JJ Keller Sales

Grad’s human services path, passion leads through doorway into sales

Graduation season is in full swing, transitioning students across the country from life as a student to life as a working professional. Many of these students, however, are still struggling through their job hunt.

But this is not the case for University of Wisconsin Oshkosh students like Brent Persch, who will be working with Kimberly Clark as a sales strategist after having received not one, but multiple offers for job interviews and positions.

Persch is a human services leadership major graduating this month who took what some might consider an unexpected career path. After all, the sales field is one often thought to be reserved for College of Business graduates.

But Persch said both his major and selected career field ultimately have the same focus—helping people in need.  Read more >>


Emergency Shelter

Human services student makes difference at Emergency Shelter through internship

Homelessness is an issue that is not always at the forefront of everyone’s mind. But for University of Wisconsin Oshkosh student Stephanie Birchfield, helping the homeless has become her mission.

Birchfield is senior studying human services who is interning at the Emergency Shelter of the Fox Valley, a nonprofit organization in Appleton with the goal of “providing temporary shelter to homeless individuals and families in a safe environment, while providing guidance to those both homeless and at-risk that promotes independence,” according to their mission.

“Just to hear some of the client’s stories and what they have been through and how easily people have slid into poverty around here is just crazy,” Birchfield said. Read more >>

Boys and Girls Club

Human Services grad creates music program for Boys and Girls Club

Human services major and music minor Erica Brooks came back from a study abroad trip in Kenya and alternative spring break trip to Guatemala in the spring of 2011 and felt inspired to make a difference by using skills she had learned in her courses.

Brooks’ music mentor Kenneth Liske, associate professor of music, education and human services, directed her to the Boys and Girls Club of Oshkosh where there was interest in starting a music program for club members. The Boys and Girls Club staff was instrumental in helping start the program, which now offers guitar, drumming, keyboard and singing sessions.

“We originally created the program with a curriculum similar to what you would find within a grade school music class including guitar, music writing, singing and movement,” said Brooks. “However, we quickly demolished such an idea because we realized we did not want to copy what the students were already doing at school; now, we simply listen to different variations of music where we sit, move around and dance.”

Brooks said she’s been proud of the students who have gone home after class and come back the next day with a musical goal that they want to achieve.     Read more >>



Human Services coursework becomes ongoing community program

Make a lasting impact for good— it’s something professionals in the human services field strive to achieve.

Kati Hinds ’11, continues to make a long-term impact on rural Winnebago County residents through a home delivery program she developed and implemented for the Oshkosh Area Community Pantry (OACP) as a human services leadership major at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

During her senior year in fall 2010, Hinds was an AmeriCorps volunteer at the OACP where she was asked to look into creating a program for delivery of food to individuals who may not have a reliable way to get to the food pantry. The request by Steve Vickman, OACP executive director, ultimately overlapped with coursework in which students are tasked with planning and developing a sustainable human services program.

One of the challenges Hinds faced was that she was implementing the program at the same time she was developing a program plan and evaluation in class.  Read more >>


Girls Granting

Student helps develop, launch innovative ‘Girls Granting Initiative’

Through an internship with the Women’s Fund of the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation, Rebecca Krummel, a senior University of Wisconsin Oshkosh human services major, has been able to gain experience creating and implementing the “Girls Granting Initiative,” an innovative grant program giving high school girls the power to award thousands of dollars to a program they believe will improve the lives of peers.

“The Girls Granting Initiative is a new program that gives 14 high school girls an opportunity to openly communicate with peers and adults about the problems they face as young women in their community,” said Krummel, who graduates from UW Oshkosh in December. “They speak knowledgeably about how these problems affect themselves and their community as a whole, and are willing to share their thoughts and experiences.”  Read more >>

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