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HSL Collaborative Program

Collaborative Human Services Leadership Major


Why major in Human Services Leadership?

As a Human Services Leadership major, you will learn to be an agent of social change, assisting and empowering individuals, families and communities to cope successfully with developmental problems or issues related to personal, social and/or environmental problems. You’ll also learn how to make a difference in communities through program and policy development.                

The Program

Accredited by the Council for Standards in Human Service Education, our program emphasizes a broad-based awareness of social welfare, interpersonal and advocacy skills development, non-profit leadership and administration, strategic planning, program development and implementation.

Mentored by an accomplished faculty, you will gain an extensive understanding of the internal and external forces affecting individuals, acquire strong listening and problem solving skills and learn to empower others through therapeutic, teaching, counseling, supportive and preventive methods. In addition, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills needed for a full understanding of the typical scenarios and challenges you will encounter in your career field program that gives you professional hands-on experience in community agencies. UW-Colleges are an integral partner in the collaborative degree program, providing pre-advising to potential students and hosting courses regionally. The academic excellence and educational preparation offered through the Colleges lay the foundation for successful HSL students. The UW-Extension provides technical assistance in instructional design and vital technological connections for the program’s distance education delivery.



Courses are offered as distance education courses, so there's no need to travel to UW Oshkosh.


Career Potential 

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ranks human services among the most rapidly growing occupations. As the need for social intervention programs increases, there is a great need for professionals who can work as counselors, case managers, and administrators who help individuals tackle life’s challenges in a variety of settings.

Humans Services Leadership Documents: 

HSL Collaborative Program Overview

HSL Required Courses

HSL Professional Competencies


Bohn, Susan   Map of the UW Colleges and regions included in the Human Services Leadership Outreach Program


Susan Bohn, M.S.
Outreach Coordinator 



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