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Human Services: On Campus

Human Services Leadership Bachelor's Degree

A Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services Leadership (HSL) from UW Oshkosh is the ideal degree program for the individual who desires a career in leading people and organizations to improve the human condition.

HSL majors learn to be agents of social change, assisting and empowering individuals, families and communities to cope successfully with developmental, personal, social and/or environmental difficulties. 

Human Services professionals serve diverse populations of clients: 

  • Children and families
  • Veterans
  • Immigrants 
  • The elderly 
  • The homeless 
  • People with disabilities 
  • People with addictions 
  • People with criminal records


General Education Courses  46
Human Services Required Courses   40
Electives and/or Minor Courses 34
Total Credits   120
Interested in the program? Check out our course descriptions and check out additional requirements.

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