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Graduate Programs
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Clinical Community B

Secondary Education

Degree: Bachelor of Science
Licensure: Early Adolescence through Adolescence (EA-A)
Ages: 10 to 21 | Grades: 5 to 12

As a secondary education teacher, you will have the exciting opportunity to educate and motivate youth in middle or high school by designing curricula and classroom experiences for diverse learning styles in a specific content area.


Mathematics is the study of abstract patterns and regularity. This study could focus on patterns of numbers, shapes spaces, motion chance, data, operations or reasoning.


Advances in technology and science are transforming our world at an incredible pace, and science is as critical to learning as reading, writing and math.

Social Studies

The social sciences help students learn about societies and how they fit into the world around them.


Whether speaking, writing or critical thinking, English helps students be successful with all subjects in school.


Part of your job as a student and part of becoming an educated person is to synthesize your learning, that is putting it all together so that it makes sense. Even though you will be required to meet certain general education, degree and major requirements, your degree, and more importantly your education, will be unique to only you.

Download a planning sheet to get started


A minor is not required; a licensable minor is highly recommended for certain majors.

EA – A  Minor Major
Bilingual Education — Hmong x  
Bilingual Education — Spanish x  
Biology x x
Chemistry x x
Computer Science x  
Earth Science x x
Economics x  
English x x
English as a Second Language x  
Environmental Studies x  
French x  
Geography x x
German x  
Health x  
History x x
Journalism x  
Mathematics x x
Natural Science- Broadfield (Includes biology, chemistry, earth science and physics)   x
Physics x x
Political Science x  
Psychology x  
Social Science- Broadfield (Includes economics, geography, history, political science, psychology and sociology)   x
Sociology x  
Spanish x  
Speech Communication x x
Theatre Education x


The education program gateways define a pathway for students to ensure they meet program and licensing requirements.

  • GATEWAY 1 - Admission process into the COEHS education program.
  • GATEWAY 2 - Details the program requirements that are in addition to specific coursework.
  • GATEWAY 3 - Applying for a student teaching experience must be completed at the beginning of the semester prior to when you plan to student teach.
  • GATEWAY 4 - Outlines the student teaching experience and steps to program completion.