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Math Intervention

In collaboration with the Pulaski School District

Summer 2023 Cohort Get Started

The Math Intervention professional development certificate program, in compliance with RtI, will prepare K-8 teachers to identify students who need assistance in mathematics and to address the needs of these students through assessment-informed and focused interventions. Seminars taught collaboratively by mathematics education and special education instructors.

CCM Standards-based seminars and reflection sessions prepare teachers to:

  • identify students’ conceptual understanding and areas needing further development using quantifiable and research-based assessments;
  • prepare assessment-based and focused interventions;
  • employ research-based teaching methods;
  • use manipulatives and models to maximize student learning; and
  • practice continual progress monitoring and recording of student learning.

Teaching and Learning

Dr. Eric Brunsell
Graduate Program Coordinator
Clow North 506
(920) 424-1722

Master of SCIENCE IN Education

*Students will earn a Certificate in Math Intervention after the completion of the first 18 credits.   Reduced tuition available.  Courses will be offered either online or in person.  See program schedule below for details.

Total Credits

Credits for certificate only

Program Schedule

  In person courses will be held at the Pulaski Community School District Office Building.
Dates and times are subject to change as needed. 

TermCourseCreditsClass Dates
Summer 2023*Elem / Sec Ed 706 Math Intervention: Math Reasoning2In person June 12-14, 2023 – 8am-4pm
Summer 2023*Elem / Sec Ed 708 Math Intervention: Number Sense2In person July 31- August 2, 2023 – 8am-4pm
Fall 2023*Elem/Sec Ed 707 Math Intervention: Math Reasoning Classroom Application
2Online (Oct. 8, 2023; Nov. 12, 2023, 2-3 hours each), In-person day (Dec. 2, 2023), and an outside project
Spring 2024*Elem / Sec Ed 709 Math Intervention: Number Sense Classroom Application
2Online sessions (Feb.11, 2024; Mar. 10, 2024, 2-3 hours each), In-person (April 13, 2024), and an outside project
Summer 2024*Elem / Sec Ed 714 Math Intervention: Geometry
2In person June 24- 26, 2024 – 8am-4pm
Summer 2024*Elem / Sec Ed 717 Math Intervention: Measurement
2In person July 29- 31, 2024 – 8am-4pm
Fall 2024*Elem / Sec Ed 719 Math Intervention: Geometry Classroom Application
2Date and time TBD, final project Dec. 7th, 2024
Fall 2024*Elem/ Sec Ed 715 Current Topics in Curriculum & Instruction2Date and time TBD
Spring 2025*Elem / Sec Ed 721 Math Intervention: Measurement Classroom 2Application Date and time TBD, final project April 12, 2025
Spring 2025Spec Ed 781 Authoring Research in Education3Master's Program - offered online
Summer 2025Ed Found 770 Foundations of Educational Research3Master's Program - offered online
Fall 2025Elem/Sec Ed 790 Improving Classroom Practice I3Master's Program - offered online
Spring 2026Elem/Sec Ed 791 Improving Classroom Practice II3Master's Program - offered online