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Math Intervention

Promoting student success in Mathematics 

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The Math Intervention professional development certificate program, in compliance with RtI, will prepare K-8 teachers to identify students who need assistance in mathematics and to address the needs of these students through assessment-informed and focused interventions. Seminars taught collaboratively by mathematics education and special education instructors.

CCM Standards-based seminars and reflection sessions prepare teachers to:

  • identify students’ conceptual understanding and areas needing further development using quantifiable and research-based assessments;
  • prepare assessment-based and focused interventions;
  • employ research-based teaching methods;
  • use manipulatives and models to maximize student learning; and
  • practice continual progress monitoring and recording of student learning.

Teaching and Learning

Dr. Eric Brunsell
Graduate Program Coordinator
Clow North 506
(920) 424-1722

Master of Science in Education

*Students will earn a certificate in Math Intervention upon completion of the first 18 credits.


*Elem / Sec Ed 706 Math Intervention: Math Reasoning2
*Elem / Sec Ed 708 Math Intervention: Number Sense2
*Elem/Sec Ed 707 Math Intervention: Math Reasoning Classroom Application
*Elem / Sec Ed 709 Math Intervention: Number Sense Classroom Application
*Elem / Sec Ed 714: Math Intervention: Geometry
*Elem / Sec Ed 717 Math Intervention: Measurement
*Elem / Sec Ed 719 Math Intervention: Geometry Classroom Application
*Elem/ Sec Ed 715 Current Topics in Curriculum & Instruction2
*Elem / Sec Ed 721 Math Intervention: Measurement Classroom 2
Ed Found 770 Foundations of Educational Research3
Spec Ed 781 Authoring Research in Education3
Elem/Sec Ed 790 Improving Classroom Practice I3
Elem/Sec Ed 791 Improving Classroom Practice II3

Collaborate with UW Oshkosh on a district emphasis

We customize the MSE degree program to offer up to 6 courses (18 credits) in unique professional development areas for entire schools.  School administrators can begin the process to start a cohort by completing our MSE cohort information form.