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Master of Science
in Education

Advance your career with the MSE Teaching & Learning

Master of Science
In Education

Advance your teaching career with our graduate programs.

Masters of Science in Education

Whether your goal is to earn a license in ESL or Bilingual/Bicultural Education, improve your ability to teach a subject like math or science or to explore integration of multiple issues in teaching and learning this degree is for you.

Core Courses

The MSE Teaching & Learning is a 30-credit program that requires 4 core courses (12 credits), including the completion of a classroom research project, and 18 credits in an emphasis area.

  • EDU 716 Issues in PK-12 Education (3cr) Offered every spring semester
  • EDU 770 Foundations of Educational Research (3cr) Offered every summer
  • EDU 790 Improving Classroom Practice I (3cr / EDU 770 prerequisite) Offered every fall
  • EDU 791 Inproving Classroom Practice II (3cr / EDU 790 prerequisite) Offered every spring

Emphasis Areas

Students can choose courses that lead to an additional teaching license in English as a Second Language or Bilingual/Bicultural Education, strengthening pedagogical content knowledge in math, science/physics, literacy education or a combination of these subjects.

ESL and Bilingual/Biculutural Education

Currently licensed teachers can add the Wisconsin ESL or ESL and Bilingual K-12 teaching license by completing the courses in this emphasis area. The license can be added while completing the MSE, or by just taking the emphasis courses. A pathway to earn and ESL or ESL & Bilingual/Bicultural license for individuals that do not have.a teaching license will be available soon.

The courses for the ESL Emphasis include

  • English 583: Introduction to English Linguistics (3 credits) Offered every summer
  • EDU 546: Methods of ESL (3 credits) Offered every fall
  • EDU 548: Principles of Bilingual/Bicultural Education (3 credits) Offered every spring
  • EDU 751: Authentic Assessment for ESL/Bilingual Education (3 credits) Offered every fall
  • EDU 794: Practicum (3 credits, completed at the end of the program) Offered every semester
  • 3 credit elective needed to reach 30 credits

The Bilingual / Bicultural emphasis includes the following courses in addition to the ESL courses.

  • EDU 500 Language Fluency Assessment (0 credits, no cost). This assessment is offered every semester.
  • EDU 549: Content Area Bilingual Instruction (3 cr)

HLC Content Area Accreditation

Teaching dual enrollment courses in high school (courses that award both high school and college credit) require a teacher to have their masters degree and 18 graduate-level courses in the relevant content area. Teachers in this emphasis area work directly with the appropriate content department to identify 18 graduate-level content courses that can be completed online. At least one of these courses must be at the 700 level.

Contact the Teaching & Learning graduate coordinator for more information.

District Designed Program

The Department of Teaching and Learning’s graduate coordinator collaborates with school district personnel to design a sequence of graduate courses aligned with the district’s professional learning goals. These courses are taught on a cohort basis by instructors from UWO and experts from the school district at a school district site. After completeing these cohort courses,teachers complete the MSE core courses to complete their degree. District designed cohort programs are offered at a special tuition rate.

Current and previous district designed programs include cohorts from the following districts.

  • Appleton
  • Ashwaubenon
  • Omro
  • Oshkosh
  • Waupaca

Teaching and Learning

Dr. Eric Brunsell
Graduate Program Coordinator
Clow North 506
(920) 424-1722

Collaborate with UW Oshkosh on a district emphasis

We customize the MSE degree program to offer up to 6 courses (18 credits) in unique professional development areas for entire schools.  School administrators can begin the process to start a cohort by completing our MSE cohort information form.