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Course Descriptions

Director of Special Education and Pupil Services Licensure and Graduate Certificate Program

SPEC ED 774 - Special Education and Pupil Services Leadership & Organizational Structure (3 credits)
Spec Ed 775 Inclusion, Equity, and Issues of Disproportionality (4 credits)
SPEC ED 776 - Special Education Law and Finance (4 credits)
SPEC ED 777 - Director Practicum I (1 credit)
SPEC ED 778 - Strength-based Mentoring, Coaching, and Evaluation in Special Education and Pupil Services (3 credits)
SPEC ED 779 - Director Practicum 2 (2 credits)

Additional Courses Required for MSE

Ed Found 770 Foundations of Educational Research (3 credits)

Introduction to the concepts, tools, and procedures which are essential for planning and conducting research in education and related fields. Preparing a research proposal and organization of a research report. Emphasis is given to the interpretation and analysis of research literature from the behavioral and social sciences.

Spec Ed 781 Introduction to Advanced Studies in Special Education (3 credits)

A course in topics of current interest in special education. This course will provide students with different viewpoints and opposing positions to provoke critical thinking and discussion and provide a starting point for graduate students to research issues in-depth as thesis or field report topics. In addition, to ensure students’ understanding of statistical applications in data-based research studies, basic educational statistics will be introduced. This required course should be taken as the first core course in the special education graduate program. It must be taken prior to Special Education 790.

Spec Ed 790 Critical Analysis of Special Education Research and Literature (3 credits)

This course focuses upon developing student’s ability to critically evaluate research within educational literature. This course will include extensive practice of critical analysis of research reports and synthesis of bodies of research information. This course should be taken at the end of the student’s graduate program, just prior to completion of the thesis or field report in special education. Prerequisite: Special Education 781 and Educational Foundations 770.

Select Spec ED 794 OR Spec Ed 795

Spec Ed 794 Field Report in Special Education (3 credits)

The field report in special education is an alternative to the special education thesis as the culminating experience. Registration opens only to those MSE special education students who have filed a Field Report Proposal and Adviser Approval Form. Pass/fail course.

Spec Ed 795 Special Education Thesis (3 credits)

Each registration with a maximum accumulation of 6 cr. Registration open only to those MSE special education students who have filed a Thesis Proposal and Adviser Approval Form with the Graduate Office. Pass/fail course.

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