MSE: Special Education Graduate Programs

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MSE: Special Education Graduate Programs

UW Oshkosh has several program options for students interested in earning a Masters in Science Education (MSE) in Special and Early Childhood Education, depending on what age group you would like to teach or if you currently hold a teaching license.  

Graduate Program Options 

Cross Categorical Special Education Licensure with MSE

The Cross Categorical program leads to licensure in Cross Categorical Special Education, middle childhood through early adolescence AND/OR early adolescence through adolescence, with an emphasis in one of three areas: 

  • Intellectual Disabilities (ID) 
  • Emotional Behavior Disabilities (EBD) 
  • Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD)

Early Childhood Special Education Licensure with MSE

The Early Childhood Special Education leads to licensure in early childhood special education, ages birth to age 8.  

MSE Special Education Non-Licensure Program 

The Master's of Science in Education Non-Licensure program is for students who have a bachelor's degree and are seeking a master's degree in the field.

Interested in Special Education?

The first step toward beginning a program in Special Education is to meet with the graduate program coordinator:

Dr. Ann Mickelson  l

(920) 424-3421      l NE 411

After arranging a meeting with the graduate program coordinator, please gather all your transcripts (an unofficial student version is acceptable) and bring them to your interview.

Your program of study will be developed and approved at your scheduled interview. Use the two page program sheet you will receive at this meeting to monitor your progress in completing all requirements. The graduate program coordinator is the only faculty member who can determine program requirements, including waivers, transfers, etc.

After your initial interview, you must apply for admission to Graduate Studies.

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