Hybrid Offerings

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Hybrid Offerings

The hybrid courses offered through the Special & Early Childhood Education Department are conducted with an online component, in addition to on-campus sessions, to offer students an alternative to regular classroom courses and a more flexible learning environment. These courses enable people with family or employment commitments to more readily take courses.

Hybrid courses are a part of the regularly offered schedule and the faculty's regular credit load. The format will require four to seven meetings on campus for each hybrid course and extensive internet communication and exchanges.

Computer Requirements for Hybrid Courses

The special education hybrid courses will use the web-based Desire2Learn (D2L) software. At a minimum, you will need to have access to D2L at least three times a week for at least 3 hours per week. Depending on the extent to which a course meets online, you may need to access D2L significantly more time(s) per week.

In order to take a special education hybrid course, you must meet the minimum technical requirements for your operating system and browser for D2L and have:

  • Audio/video (listening/viewing) capability, including speakers or a headset
  • Access to broadband internet
  • Ability to download from D2L (some firewalls may present problems)

Course Offerings

The EVENING sections of the following courses will consistently be held in a hybrid format:

  • Spec Ed 352/552 Students with Disabilities in General Education
  • Spec Ed 414/614 Advocacy, Family Empowerment, and Special Education Law
  • Spec Ed 431/631 Transition to Adulthood (Fall only)
  • Spec Ed 463/663 Teaching Students with Significant Disabilities


The MSE-related special education courses will consistently be held in a hybrid format, including:

  • Spec Ed 705 Administrative Organization, Collaboration, and Leadership in Special Education (Fall - even years only)
  • Spec Ed 781 Advanced Studies in Special Education (Spring - odd years only)
  • Spec Ed 790 Critical Analysis (Fall - odd years only)
  • Spec Ed 794 Field Report (Spring - even years only--must take Spec Ed 790 prior Fall)
  • Spec Ed 795 Thesis (Spring - even years only--must take Spec Ed 790 prior Fall)
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