Clark, Denise, Ph.D.

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Clark, Denise, Ph.D.

Denise Clark, Ph.D. Professor Areas of Expertise 
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Doctor of Philosophy 

University of Florida 2001 

Phone: (920) 424-7032

Office: N/E 422



  • Special Education Severe Disabilities 

As a K12 teacher I taught students with severe disabilities who had physical, medical, behavioral, cognitive, and communicative disability labels. I taught at the middle school and elementary level. I have teacher certification in New York State for Early Childhood Education, Primary General Education, and Special Education at both the elementary and the secondary levels. I have a strong interest in the resources necessary for the inclusion of students with severe disabilities. I have published nine refereed articles in competitive journals, two books, and two book chapters on a variety of topics including, family member advocacy, teacher preparation, and students with severe disabilities. I have presented regularly at national, state, and regional conferences pertaining to inclusion and students with severe disabilities. In relation to inclusion and students with severe disabilities, my research interests have become more specifically focused. My current line of research investigates the access of students with disabilities to literacy instruction and other academic content. This research area has resulted in a student faculty collaboration grant, a faculty development research grant, and three manuscripts currently under review.

Date of First Employment at UW Oshkosh: September 2000

Years of P-12 Experience: 5 years

Classes Typically Taught:

  • Teaching Students with Severe Disabilities

  • Interdisciplinary Approaches to Teaching Children with Disabilities

  • Technology in Special Education

  • Advocacy Family Empowerment Special Education Law

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