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Literacy Graduate Certificates

Effective Writing Instruction Certificate

The Effective Writing Instruction Certificate strengthens participants’ understanding of the writing process and writing development and provides a framework for implementing effective writing instruction.

The Effective Writing Instruction Certificate is a nine-credit, three-course program designed for licensed teachers. Classes meet synchronously online seven times, and the rest of the work is done independently.

Effective Writing Instruction Certificate Courses

The three courses that comprise the Effective Writing Instruction Certificate are: 

Literacy 702| Engaging in Literacy Processes:
Students will examine their personal literacy processes (reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing, and representing), answering the guiding question, “Who am I as a literate person?” Students will then consider their growing understanding of literacy in light of their own classrooms

Literacy 703| Writing Development K-12:
This course examines the development of writing in children from early childhood through young adulthood. The influence of others – other children, family members, and teachers – on writing development is also examined.

Literacy 704| Writing Workshop K-12:
This course prepares teachers to effectively facilitate writing workshop in their classrooms by understanding the components of writing workshop and developing strategies for implementing them.

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Reading Teacher License Certificate

The Reading Teacher License Certificate program provides licensed teachers the opportunity to develop their skills, knowledge, and dispositions related to literacy teaching and learning. The program provides all coursework necessary for Wisconsin license 1316 – Reading Teacher.

Program completers often use their new knowledge, skills, and dispositions in their own PK-12 classrooms in order to help students be more successful literate learners. Other program completers become Title I teachers, RTI interventionists, or other specialized reading teachers.

Certificate consists of the first 19 credits in the master’s program.

Graduate Achievement Program

The Graduate Achievement Program (GAP) Certificate in literacy is for those who already have a master’s degree in an education-related field and want Wisconsin licenses 1316 – Reading Teacher and 5017 – Reading Specialist. It provides experienced teachers the opportunity to develop their skills, knowledge, and dispositions related to literacy and literacy leadership. The program does not lead to a second master’s degree; instead, the GAP Certificate is noted on program completers’ transcript.

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