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Center for Literacy Educators and Leaders

Wisconsin’s first choice for improving K-12 literacy learning


The Center for Literacy Educators and Leaders is the first choice of teachers and school leaders who want to improve literacy learning. Our internationally recognized faculty and staff offer professional development, consultation and graduate programs to improve PK-12 students’ reading, writing, speaking, listening and interpreting of media.


Areas of Focus

  • Writing instruction
  • Intervention for striving readers and writers
  • Literacy leadership PK-12
  • School libraries
  • Licensure programs leading to Wisconsin license 1316 (Reading Teacher) and Wisconsin license 5017 (Reading Specialist)

Enhance your knowledge and skills

  • Ensure that all your students have the literacies necessary for success in school, workplace and community.
  • Enhance your ability as an administrator to lead instructional programs that provide strong support for student literacy.
  • Help drive the economic security of Wisconsin’s communities by enhancing the success of your students.
  • Sustain equitable communities by enhancing the literacy development of all PK-12 students regardless of socioeconomic status, race/ethnicity, gender, prior experiences, languages spoken, disability, giftedness, or other criteria by which some students have historically been separated from those who are successful literate learners.

Services Provided

Professional development for PK-12 educators

Program evaluation for PK-12 literacy instruction and school library programs.

Planning for program improvement, professional development, and curriculum development

Culturally responsible literacy education

Equity resources and evaluations

Innovative paths to licensure

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