Coaching Certificate

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Coaching Certificate

Coaching Certificate 

Required (3 credits):

DepartmentCourse #Course NameCredit(s)
Physical Education 79-320 Contemporary Issues in Coaching 3


Select One Course (2-3 credits):

DepartmentCourse #Course NameCredit(s)
Physical Education 79-360 Field Experience in Coaching (Grades 6-8) 2
Physical Education 79-408 Field Experience in Coaching (Grades 9-12) 3


Electives (6-7 credits*):

DepartmentCourse #Course NameCredit(s)
Physical Education 79-247 Coaching of Softball 2
Physical Education 79-261 Volleyball Coaching 2
Physical Education 79-264 Tennis Coaching 2
Physical Education 79-265 Coaching of Gymnastics 2
Physical Education 79-304 Coaching Soccer Successfully 2
Physical Education 79-305 Coaching Wrestling Successfully 2
Physical Education 79-306 Coaching of Football 2
Physical Education 79-307 Coaching of Basketball 2
Physical Education 79-308 Coaching of Baseball 2
Physical Education 79-309 Coaching of Track and Field 2
Physical Education 79-310 Coaching Hockey Successfully 2
Physical Education 79-328 Officiating Team Sports 2
Physical Education 79-382 Coaching of Swimming 2
Physical Education 79-390 Current Topics 1
Physical Education 79-446 Independent Study 1
Physical Education *79-375 Lifespan Motor Development 2


ASEP Coaching Certification

Upon completion of this certificate, students have the opportunity to earn an American Sport Education Program (ASEP) coaching certification, which is nationally recognized.

This 12-credit certification, which includes the ASEP certification, is accepted by the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA) as meeting its coaching education requirement for scholastic coaches.


* Physical education majors MAY NOT select 79- 375 as an elective.

** 79-375 is a REQUIRED course within the "elective" category" for non-physical education majors.

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