Alfred Kisubi, Ph.D.

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Alfred Kisubi, Ph.D.

Alfred Kisubi Professor Areas of Expertise 

Doctor of Philosophy

Administration of Higher Education  (Minor: Sociology), 1993

Phone: (920) 424-7236
Office: N/E 509

  • Multiculturalism
  • Sociology
  • Globalization in Education

Alfred T. Kisubi was educated at Isegero Primary School, Busowa Catholic Junior Secondary School, Kiira College Butiki, Jinja, St. Peters College Tororo, Makerere University, Kampala Uganda and the University of Missouri, Kansas City. He completed his undergraduate studies in literature, sociology and political science at Makerere University in Uganda. He then taught high school English language courses in literature, English as a second language, and religious education for eleven years in Uganda and four years in Kenya. In Uganda he carried out research in water usage habits in Uganda towns for the World Bank feasibility study for rehabilitation, and also in puerperal psychosis (An after birth derangement). He transcribed, translated and explicated tribal folklore for secondary school course work in Oral Literature and on the Soga (his tribe) social institutions, philosophy and structure for a sociology course work. He studied Kenyan Kisii folklore through teacher/native student collaboration and transcribed and translated this tribal folklore. He was also a national examiner of literature exams for the Kenya National Examination Council.

In 1985 he came to the United States as an exchange consultant in African Studies and instructor of sociology courses in Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas. During his tenure there he completed a Master of Arts in Sociology degree at the University of Missouri, Kansas City and attended numerous summer institutes focused on learning and teaching creative writing. With a 1988-1991 University of Missouri-Kansas City Chancellor's talent award for the Time Winds, a collection of his poetry, he complete a Doctor of Philosophy in Administration of Higher Education with a minor in Sociology in 1993. His doctoral research investigated race relations and their implications for the administration of higher education on a Midwestern campus. Viewing student persistence in college as a function of harmony between the student and institutional internal and external environment he assessed the attitudes and perceptions of college students, faculty and local residents about ecological segregation, social distance, and multicultural experiences on campus as indicators of the ethno-racial social phobia that may deter enrollment and contribute to attrition of minority students. His dissertaton basis to the book Race and Ethnicity in the First Person co-authored with Michael Burayidi, published by Greenwood Press. His other publications include a monograph chapter "The Great Divide: Global Socio-economic Trends and Human Services in the 21st Century: We are in this together" in Tricia McClam & Marianne Woodside (Eds.). Human Services in the 21st Century, two chapters: "Theories of Multicultural Relations," and "Transvaluation and Fiction in American Immigration Policy," in Burayidi, Michael A. (ed.) Global Multiculturalism, National Multiculturalism: Lessons of Experience, by University Press of America. His poetry collections include Time Winds by BKMK Press, Maybe It's a Dream, Storms: Poems of Azania, and Hi, by Wheel of Fire Press.

Alfred now teaches human services and multicultural and global education; drug abuse, domestic violence and task group courses and founded and runs a study abroad seminar about Africa's experience of globalization in politics, education, human services, health, gender and development. As a humanist poet and human services worker he sits on the Advisory Board of African Americans for Humanism and that of the Oshkosh Salvation Army. His is on the Editorial Board for Free Inuiry, and a journal of the International Council of Secular Humanism.

Date of First Employment at UW Oshkosh: February 1992
Years of P-12 Experience:

Classes Typically Taught:

  • Human Services
  • Global Education
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