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Internship – 120 hours

The supervised internship (18-325 | 3 credits) provides students the opportunity to observe, participate, and integrate accepted practice in a human services organization.

To qualify for this experience, a student needs to be accepted into the human services leadership program and complete at least 9 credits of human services coursework, which includes career exploration, in the Introduction to Human Services course.

They should be able to interact effectively with clients and staff, plan short programs, engage in administrative tasks and do special projects. Students, though, will need support in further developing professional competencies. The course component of the internship requires bi-weekly seminar attendance and written coursework.

Internship Learning Outcomes
  1. Understand the placement site’s organizational structure, mission and clientele, and act in accordance with the site’s governing principles and regulations.
  2. Develop the capacity to analyze and solve practice-related problems, drawing upon relevant data and a conceptual understanding of the situation.
  3. Develop interpersonal communication skills consistent with the professional conduct and ethical standards (CSHSE, National Standards) of a human service professional.
  4. Develop a sense of professional identity, including self-awareness and insight into personal strengths and areas for improvement.
  5. Learn and develop technology and information management skills to adequately perform administrative aspects within a service delivery system.
Service area

Sites selected by traditional on-campus and collaborative students must be within a 60-mile radius from the student’s home campus.  Online students are required to locate appropriate placement settings within their local region, prior to beginning the Internship or Advanced Internship course.


Internship Admission Criteria
  1. Completion of a minimum of three courses in the Human Services Leadership major as follows:
    • Human SV-203 Introduction to Human Services
    • Human SV-310 Interpersonal Relations in the Helping Professions
    • Human SV-385 Financial Sustainability in Non-Profit Organizations
  2. Minimum Human Services Leadership grade point average (GPA):  2.75
  3. Minimum University combined grade point average (Combined GPA): 2.50
  4. Completion of at least 65 University recognized credits
  5. Current Criminal Background Check (CBC) (Wisconsin Statute 165.82)
  6. Enrollment in the Internship course (Human SV 325) (120 hours)

Tuberculosis (TB) test is required “only” if your placement agency requires it. If you need a TB test, please make arrangements with your own physician and provide a record of the TB test to the UW Oshkosh Health Center and to your agency.

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