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Advanced Internship– 280 hours

Advanced Internship students (18-420 | 18-421 | 18-422 | 7 total credits) have completed program courses and are prepared through to function, as an entry-level worker within a human services organization. Advanced interns require a leadership component or role within their experience.

Advanced internship students may seek a site outside of the field placement directory which directly aligns with their professional objectives.

The course component of the advanced internship requires bi-weekly seminar attendance and written coursework.

Advanced Internship Learning Outcomes
  1. Describe the placement site’s organizational structure, mission and clientele, while acting in accordance with the site’s governing principles and regulations.
  2. Analyze practice-related issues and, utilizing relevant data and a conceptual understanding of the situation, develop effective problem resolution and intervention strategies.
  3. Display interpersonal communication skills at a professional level consistent with the Human Service profession’s conduct and ethical standards (CSHSE, National Standards) when interacting with clients, staff, and community.
  4. Demonstrate a sense of integrity by establishing a professional identity, including self-awareness and insight into personal strengths and areas for improvement.
  5. Use technology and information management skills to perform administrative aspects within a service delivery system.
  6. Exhibit Leadership ability, including but not limited to multi-level thinking, purpose-driven, resourcefulness, and advocacy, to perform as a leader in one or more aspects of Human Services work.
Advanced Internship Admission Criteria
  • Completion of all Human Services Leadership required program courses (except 440 which may be taken concurrently)
  • Submission of all application materials
  • Minimum Human Services Leadership grade point average (GPA):  3.0
  • Minimum University combined grade point average (Combined GPA): 2.75
  • Current Criminal Background Check (CBC) (Wisconsin Statute 165.82)
  • Enrollment in HS 420, 421 and 422 – Advanced Internship (280 hrs)

Tuberculosis (TB) test is required “only” if your placement agency requires it. If you need a TB test, please make arrangements with your own physician and provide a record of the TB test to the UW Oshkosh Health Center and to your agency.

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