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Health Education Minor

Minor consists of 23 credits: Required 20 or 21 | Elective 2 or 3

Health Education Courses should be taken in the following sequence:

Number 100 Level | First Year
Number 200 Level | Sophmore or above (first year by consent)
Number 300 Level | Junior (sophomore by consent)
Number 400 Level | Senior

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Human Kinetics and Health Education
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Dr. Christine Tipps
Department Chair

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Required Health Courses
KINESIOL77-104AED, CPR and First Aid++1 cr. 
HEALTH55-106Personal Health and Wellness3 cr.
HEALTH55-211Nutrition and Weight Control3 cr.
HEALTH55-240Human Sexuality3 cr.
HEALTH55-305Field Experience in Health2 cr.
HEALTH55-308Instructional Strategies in Health3 cr.
HEALTH55-420Issues in Mental and Emotional Health3 cr. 

Required Biology Courses:
BIOLOGY26-211Human Anatomy 3 cr. 
Total Credits from Required Courses 20 or 21 cr.  
Elective Courses:
HEALTH55-250Introduction to Health Education and Health Promotion3 cr.
HEALTH55-310Consumer Health3 cr.
HEALTH55-315Environmental Health3 cr.
HEALTH55-403Community and Consumer Health2 cr.
HEALTH55-410Current Health Issues3 cr.
HEALTH55-440Seminar in Death and Dying2 cr.
HEALTH55-442Emotional Abuse in the Workplace2 cr.
HEALTH55-446Independent Study in Health Education1-3 cr.
HEALTH55-456Related Readings in Health Education1-3 cr.
Total Credits from Electives 2 or 3 cr.

++A student may choose between taking the course KINESIOL 104 or receive an equivalent certification from a recognized agency.