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Site Supervisors

Site supervisors are amazing professionals who invest in the lives of our students, helping them to become professional counselors that impact the lives of those they work with for health, healing and wholeness. It is a privilege to have you as part of our team. You play a significant role in the development and learning of our students.

Whether you have a practicum student just starting out (1 day a week) or an intern (2.5 days a week), the supervision hour that you spend with them each week is crucial in this learning process. We are very aware that besides that hour of supervision you are involved – sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly – in all that they are doing in their overall experience.

Current Site Supervisors
Check Tevera periodically to make sure that your contact information is up to date. UW Oshkosh counseling students utilize this directory to reach out and connect with organizations for potential placement.

First-time Site Supervisors
If you are interested in becoming site supervisors for the first time, please register through Tevera by contacting the Clinical Coordinator.

Contact Us

Michelle Henderson
Clinical Coordinator
Clow North 312