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Once our students successfully complete their practicum experience they move onto their internship experiences (normally two semesters). Students spend twenty hours or approximately 2.5 days a week at their sites. Students can have between one and three Internship site(s) during their Internship experience*.

*Please note that School Counseling Internships are required to have three sites, one for each grade level, per Department of Public Instruction Licensure Requirements.

Applying for an Internship

Applications are due on April 15th or November 15th

Students submit their applications the semester before they expect to complete their Internship course. For example, if a student is going to take Practicum in the Spring, their application would be due on November 15th. Below is a step-by-step guide to securing and applying for a practicum site.

  1. Plan Accordingly 
    Students should be aware that it takes time to secure an Internship Site, students are advised to begin searching two semesters before they expect to complete Practicum. Tevera 
    is a great place to start a search. Students could also set up a meeting with Michelle Henderson, Clinical Coordinator

  2.  Cover Letter and Resume
    Sites and supervisors want to be sure you are the “right” person for their site. Alternatively, students should also make sure the site is the “right” fit for them. Students should have a Cover Letter and Resume ready to present to potential sites and expect to engage in an interview process prior to being “hired” at a site.  
    • These resume tips developed by the Career and Professional Development Office can help you as you format your resume.
  3. Internship Application
    Once students have secured their site, they can complete their Internship Application. Applications need to be typed, have succinct answers to each question, and have all requirements attached to the application.
    • Students will need to get information from their site supervisors (e.g., license number, years of service, site information, etc…) and obtain a signature from their supervisor before handing in their application.
    • Defined goals and objectives. If students find this is a struggle please use the Tips for Writing Goals and Objectives Guide.
    • Applications will not be accepted if the updated liability insurance and site information forms are not attached.
    • Please note that students will do new applications each semester even if they are staying at the same site.
  4. Application Review
    Once a student has handed in their application, the application will be reviewed by two faculty members. If the faculty members both approve the application, you will receive an email from sharing that their application has been Unconditionally Approved. Once the student’s application is Unconditionally Approved, they are ready to prepare for the experience of Practicum.
    • If the application needs to be REVISED, the student will receive an email indicating that their application has been Conditionally Approved with feedback. The student can then respond to the feedback and re-submit their application for approval. 

Please note that if a student is intended on moving sites after their Internship semester, it is professional to discuss their intentions with their site supervisor.



Students are evaluated by both faculty and their site supervisor(s) during both semesters of their Internship. The evaluations are intended as a venue for feedback to help the student continue their development as a Professional Counselor. The site supervisors evaluate students at the end of the semester in Tevera. Students are able to view the results of the evaluations in Tevera.

  • Students and Site Supervisors will complete evaluations in Tevera on December 1st for Fall Internship Students and on May 1st for Spring Internship Students
  • Evaluation Criteria
    The linked internship evaluation forms (CMHC Internship OR SCHC Internship) are here to help students understand the criteria for which they are being evaluated.  Students should  NOT give this evaluation to the site supervisor to fill out. Students SHOULD request that their site supervisor use Tevera to evaluate them.


Students will also have the opportunity to evaluate their Site Supervisors at the end of the semester. The evaluation will be filled out in Tevera. This is an opportunity for the student to share final feedback with their site supervisor. It should be noted that the student can deliver feedback to their site supervisor at any time of the semester. The Site Supervisor Evaluation is available below. Please feel free to use this evaluation form as a guide to helpful feedback for the site supervisor throughout the semester.

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