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Students currently take 3 major examinations while in their program.

Counselor Education Comprehensive Examination (CECE)

The CECE is intended to be a culminating experience for students, to help solidify their confidence that they are leaving the program with the knowledge they need or alternatively helping them identify areas for further study. The students are scheduled to take this exam during their Internship I semester. The CECE has 120 questions covering the CACREP 8 Common Core Areas:

Professional Counseling Orientation and Professional Practice
Social and Cultural Diversity
Human Growth and Development
Career Development
Counseling and Helping Relationships
Group Counseling and Group Work
Assessment and Testing | Research and Program Evaluation. 

National Counselor Examination for licensure and certification (NCE)

Clinical Mental Health Program students are required to take the NCE in order to apply for licensure. Many of our Student Affairs and College Counseling and School Counseling student opt to take the NCE as well in order to be eligible to become a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC). The NCE is a 200-item multiple choice examination that assesses knowledge, skills, and abilities that would be expected of professional providing counseling services.

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