COEHS/K-12 School Advisory Councils

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COEHS/K-12 School Advisory Councils

COEHS/K-12 School Advisory Councils 

Fox Valley Area Advisory Council  
Meeting Minutes

The COEHS/K-12 Schools Advisory Councils were created to provide a forum for discussing and resolving educational issues that affect K-12 schools and higher education in the Fox Valley and Wisconsin. By developing partnerships between K-12 schools and higher education the advisory council hopes to further the education of all students. The purpose, structure, and membership of the advisory council is given in the following summary:

Statement of Purpose:

  1. To provide a forum for discussing educational issues affecting the greater Fox Valley, with a primary focus on the preparation and professional development of teachers and administrators;
  2. To provide a basis for networking the introduction and resolution of issues involving K-12 schools and higher education nationally and in the state;
  3. To discover means by which the College of Education and Human Services and area K-12 schools and districts can partner in furthering the future of education in the region;
  4. To provide a K-12 and COEHS partnership to act as a sounding board and advisory group for College of Education and Human Services initiatives and issues, including such issues as student teaching, cooperating teachers, PI 34, Professional Development Plan issues, mentoring and College accreditation.


  1. It is intended that the structure of the COEHS Education Advisory Council will facilitate discussion amongst the members and their associated institutions and organizations with regards to the issues outlined in the Purpose Statement. The Council’s function is advisory and is not intended to serve in any governance capacity within the College or any other institution associated with the Advisory Council.
  2. The Dean of the College or representative serves as the Chairperson of the Advisory Council.
  3. The Dean shall appoint members of the full Advisory Council to serve on an Executive Committee to assist in developing agenda for meetings and facilitating presentation of issues and concerns brought by the membership.
  4. In the event that it is deemed by the members that the work of the Advisory Council requires a committee, the Dean in consultation with the Executive Committee will appoint same and specify its objectives.
  5. The Dean or designate will report periodically to the COEHS Administrative Council and to the College faculty on the membership, concerns and recommendations of the K-12 School Advisory Council.


1. The Advisory Council will consist of:

The Dean and the Associate Dean of the College of Education and Human Services;

A department chair appointed by the Dean and agreeable to the Administrative Council (COEHS) and such other faculty or staff of the College of Education and Human Services as may be appointed by the Dean to further the purposes of the Advisory Council;

The Director of the Office of Field Experience and/or the Office of Professional Education Programs;

Superintendents, or their designated representative, principals and/or their appointed school faculty;

Other members shall be appointed to the Advisory Council by the Dean and shall represent a broad spectrum of educational leaders and institutional representatives from the COEHS service area; may include public and private educational agencies and institutions, government agencies involved in education, social service agencies, business and industry, and such others as recommended by members of the Advisory Council.

2. Members will be appointed to the Advisory Council by the COEHS Dean.

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