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Developing Mathematical Reasoning Using Word Problems

The problems within this section are coded for seasoning difficulty: the easiest problems are coded with an shamrock; slightly more difficult problems are coded with a shamrock/diamond;
more difficult problems are coded with a diamond; most difficult problems are coded with a heart.

Elementary Level Problems

Shamrock (easiest for primary level)
Shamrock 1
Shamrock 2
Shamrock 3

Diamond (more difficult for primary level)
Diamond 1
Diamond 2
Diamond 3

Heart (most difficult for primary level)
Heart 1
Heart 2
Heart 3

Diamond and/or Heart Two-Step Problems
Two-Step CGI Word Problems

Rate, Price and Multiplicative Comparison Problems
Comparison Problems

Middle School Level Problems

Written by Brent Morris of the Middle School at Bowler School District, Bowler, WI
Middle School Problems 1
Middle School Problems 2
Middle School Problems 3

High School Level Problems
Problems created by Dr. Gerald Fast for high school level students. They are focused on interest areas of that age student.

Automobile Problems
Automobile 1
Automobile 2

Construction Problems
Construction 1

Deer Hunting Problems
Deer Hunting 1
Deer Hunting 2

Multi-Step Problems
Multi-Step Money Problems
Multi-Step Measurement Problems
Multi-Step Objects and Resources
Multi-Step Scoring and Time Problems
Controlled Vocabulary Valentine Theme
Second Semester Holiday Themes (Coming Soon!)
More Multi-Step Word Problems
More Multi-Step Word Problems-Two Step
Many More Two-Step Word Problems
Fraction Multi-Step Word Problems
Shamrock-Diamond Word Problems

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