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Legends Retold by Students Participating in the
Anishinabe Teachers for Anishinabe Children Project

Edited by Judith Elaine Hankes, Ph.D. and Gerald R. Fast, Ph.D.
The College of Education and Human Services,
University of Wisconsin Oshk

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Using Native American Legends to Teach Mathematics WorkShop Manual (pdf)
Background Information about this Resource The goal of this unique mathematics experience was to prepare the students to tutor in elementary classrooms at their home reservations. ..................
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Native American Legends and Related Math Problems When solving the following word problems, insert one set of the given numbers into the problem. Increasing the numbers size can increase the problem difficulty......
The Creation Story Long ago before Mother Earth existed, the Creator sat alone in darkness thinking, and with His thoughts He formed Mother Earth. He covered the Earth with plants and trees, birds and animals, and many crawling insects, but He became lonely. So, .............
How the Bear Lost His Tail Long, long ago there were only creatures on the earth. There were birds, bears, deer, mice, everything but people. In this long ago time, all the animals spoke the same language.
Wild Rice
Waynaboozhoo was worried about what his people would eat during the long winter months. For several winters there had been very little food and the people had suffered. Waynaboozhoo wanted to ....
How the Flower Came to Be Long ago when the Creator was making life, He was feeling real happy. He truly enjoyed creating! He looked around at all the wonderful things He had made and thought to Himself, "I am so happy that I want to make something special to spread my happiness."
Brother Bear A long time ago on the Menominee Indian Reservation there lived a very old couple. The husband loved hunting and fishing. One winter night he decided to go on a hunting trip. So the next day his wife packed some warm ...
Waynaboozhoo and the Great Flood Long ago the world was filled with evil. Men and women lost respect for each other. The Creator was unhappy about this and decided to cause a great flood to purify the earth.
How the Birch Tree Got It's Burns The Ojibwe people always had stories to tell that had a moral. A main character who was always used was Waynaboozhoo. But it is told that you cannot tell a Waynaboozhoo story in the spring, summer, or fall, only when there is snow on the ground or it is said that a frog will be in your bed.
The Legend of Spirit Rock Long ago an elder told three warriors that if they walked a great distance to a sacred place along the Wolf River and offered tobacco, the Great Spirit would grant them their most wanted wish.
How the Beaver Got His Tail Once upon a time there was a beaver that loved to brag about his tail. One day while taking a walk, the beaver stopped to talk to a bird. The beaver said to the bird, "Don't you love my fluffy tail?"
How the Turtle Flew South for the Winter One day while Turtle was walking, he noticed some birds flying overhead. He yelled to them, "Where are you going?" Two birds flew down and answered, "We're flying south for the winter."
Right in Front of You One night a stranger walked into a village. The stranger needed a place to stay for the night, but the villagers did not invite him into their homes. Finally, at the edge of the village, he came to the house of an old man and an old woman.
Tree of Peace The story of the Tree of Peace is true and happened in the early 1800's. The Tree of Peace helped unite one of the most powerful leagues ever, The Iroquois League of Nations.
Rabbit Dance Long ago, two hunters went hunting deer for their village. They hunted for a very long time without seeing any signs of deer, but they didn't return to the village for they knew they had to provide food for the winter.
How Beaver and the Dog Helped Each Other One day as a beaver was gnawing down trees in the forest he heard a strange rustling sound. At first he was scared, but he was also curious. So, the beaver hid behind a tree to see what animal was making the noise.
Teacher's Guide (pdf) Cognitively Guided Instruction is a primary level approach to teaching mathematics that was developed at the Wisconsin Center for Education Research, Madison, Wisconsin.
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