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Developing Number Concepts/Number Sense


Interactive Subitizing
Subitize template (This is an template with which you can create subtizing flash cards.)
Activities to Develop Number Sense

Templates for Subitizing Flash Cards

Complete Large Circles Flash (pdf)
Complete Large Factors Flash (pdf)
Complete Factors Flash(pdf)
Complete Simple Flash (pdf)

Developing BASE 10 Understanding

10-Frame in b/w (pdf)
10-Frame Subtraction (pdf)
Developing BASE 10 Understanding
Right On
10 Frame Activities
10 Frame Flash Cards - Dots
Blank 5 Frames
Dominoes Large
Student 10 Frame Flash Cards

Windows into Children’s Mathematical Thinking:Problem Types
Levels of Development & Children’s Solution Strategies: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, & Division

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Arithmetic Rak

Arithmetic Rak (pdf)

Empty Number Line

Empty Number Line (pdf)


Multiplication Fact Game (pdf)

Fraction Lessons

Fractions Equivalence #1 (pdf)
Fractions Equivalence #2 (pdf)
Fractions #3 (pdf)

Alternative Procedures and More (You Tube)

Partial Products Method
Partial Products Method-Why Use?
Partial Product and Partial Quotient
Another Division Strategy
Alternate Division Strategy (reducing fraction and then dividing)
Equivalent Fractions
Mean, Median, Mode