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Students observing in K-12 schools as part of a UW Oshkosh COEHS program or course must have completed a recent background check. In addition, all students applying for admission to Teacher Education Programs at UW Oshkosh, or in courses that involve school observations must complete the Department of Children and Families (DCF) background check.  See below for details.

NOTE: Ed Foundations 235 students must complete a background check if observing in a K-12 school setting.  If the appropriate background check is completed as part of this course and apply to a UWO teacher education program within one year of completion you will not need to complete a second check as part of your application. 


If you have questions about which background check is appropriate, contact Tammy Mastey in the COEHS Administrative Offices (


All Background Checks are now being done through DCF (effective 6/6/23) 

Complete the DCF check for the all programs, admissions and student teaching.

The Wisconsin Department of Children and Families (DCF) background is federally mandated for any employee, contractor, practicum or clinical student in an Early Childhood (including 4K) setting. If you are doing observations for Ed Foundations 235 in an Early Childhood Center or 4K classroom, you may be required to complete a background check through the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families. Please check with the site before you visit.  If you are required to complete a DCF background check it will also count as the check for your Admission to the Teacher Education program at UW Oshkosh.

To begin the DCF background check process, visit the ichildcare portal and click on the “Create a Logon” link in the blue box.  The fee for this background check is $40 and is payable when you get your fingerprint taken. There is also an automatic annual renewal check each year.  The $10 renewal fee will be paid by you through NelNet.  We will notify you when this is due.  If you do not need your background check renewed, please contact to be removed from our portal.  The background check fees are not refundable.

Once you have completed your fingerprint appointment, please contact Tammy Mastey at so your CBC can be noted.