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Academic Life Experience (ALE)

The staff at the Center for Additional Teaching Licenses respects and values the knowledge and skills that experienced teachers bring to our program and we recognize that there are many ways to learn and to demonstrate learning. As a result, we provide opportunities for our candidates to share evidence of their prior learning in terms of course objectives and application of the knowledge and skills with their students.

  • Credit for prior learning is not granted for the experience itself, but for the verifiable learning outcomes which grew out of the experience.
  • The maximum prior learning credit allowable is no more than 50% of an individual’s required coursework and must have occurred within the decade prior to submission.

Submission of Academic Life Experience

Applicants applying for academic life experience credit must submit:

  • cover letter explaining the request. 
  • the explanation and evidence supporting your acquisition and application of the course content knowledge, skills and dispositions for at least 80% of the course objectives (acquisition evidence may include participation in professional development, co-teaching, team teaching, etc. / application evidence may include lesson plans, unit plans, teacher-prepared materials, photographs of student results, etc.).
  • at least one letter of endorsement from an administrator, colleague or parent who witnessed your acquisition and/or application of the curriculum’s course objectives/content knowledge.
  • pay the academic life experience fee of $75, per course, via check, credit or debit card payable to UW Oshkosh.

Pay via credit or debit cardPay fees for Add-On Program Fees are subject to change.

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