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Coursework Requirements

The Alternative Careers in Teaching Office works with each student to determine their unique educational needs when working towards a teaching license. All students are required to complete or have completed the equivalent of the traditional undergraduate program’s English Language Arts, Technology Education, Middle and High School Natural Science, or Middle and High School Social Studies major. Your transcript will be reviewed for the license you are interested in pursuing, and an individualized academic plan will be created just for you.

You may have met many of these course requirements during your undergraduate degree. If not, we will work with you to identify courses you could take.

Additionally, all students are required to take or have taken the Core Education Courses from the ACT Program listed below.

Credits UW Oshkosh Courses
1 Sec Edu 221 ACT Orientation
3 Ed Found 380 Educational Psychology/Science of Learning
3 Spec Edu 352 Children and Youth with Disabilities in General Education
4 Literacy 435 Adolescent Literacy Methods
3 Ed Ldrsp 406 Multicultural Education

Discipline Specific Methods

  • Sec Ed 335 The Teaching of English or
  • Sec Ed 313 Methods of Teaching Technology Education for ACT Students or
  • Sec Ed 317 Science Teaching Methods for ACT Students or
  • Sec Ed 318 Mathematics Teaching Methods for ACT Students or
  • Sec Ed 337 Teaching and History and Social Studies
1 Sec Ed XXX Clinical I in a school setting (taken concurrently with Ed Found 380)
1 Sec Ed XXX Clinical II in school setting (taken concurrently with Discipline Specific Methods class)
10 Sec Edu 400 Student Teaching in Middle School and Student Teaching in High School
1 Sec Ed 405 Student Teaching Seminar
30 Total UW Oshkosh Credits

Please note that students are required to maintain a B (3.0) or better in their Core Education Courses and Disciplinary Content Courses. You can still meet the requirement by passing the Praxis II Content Knowledge subtest if you do not maintain a B (3.0) or better GPA in their disciplinary content courses. 


Disciplinary Content Course Search

If you need to take classes to meet your disciplinary content requirement, you will work with your advisor to identify online, hybrid, or alternative delivery courses. If you find a course that you believe will fit, please email a link to that course to All courses need to be approved before enrollment.

Credit for Prior Learning

You may also be eligible for Credit for Prior Learning if you have had an experience meeting the following criteria. If you have had such an experience, you will put together a narrative describing the experience and any evidence you may have that the experience would be equivalent to the education you would receive from a course. Your narrative and evidence will be reviewed to determine if your experience meets the requirements of Credit for Prior Learning. For more information about this process, please see the ACT Program Handbook.