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Core and Praxis II Exams

ACT students who do not meet the admission requirements are required to pass the Core and/or Praxis II exams prior to admission.

Planning is essential for successfully passing both tests. Educational Testing Services (ETS) is not flexible in terms of refunding the cost of any scheduled test. Students should take into account preparation, weather and any other factors before scheduling a Core or Praxis II test date.


  • You should not delay in meeting the ETS testing requirements.
  • Allow enough time for test preparation, but take into account the scheduling options available through ETS.
  • Additionally, allow enough time for your Core report to be returned before the application for student teaching deadlines of February 15 for the following Fall semester and September 15 for the following Spring semester.
  • Note that the official Core reports are available online via your ETS account on the Core report release date, approximately four weeks after the test date. Your Core will be downloadable and available for only 45 days from the Core reporting date.

Core Test

The Core test measures basic skills in reading, writing and math. The test includes three separate tests with test codes and passing Core below:

Test name Test Code Passing Core
Core Reading 5712 156
Core Writing 5722 162
Core Mathematics 5732 150

Testing Sites

The Core test can only be taken as a computer-based test. Register for the test, find locations and costs on the ETS website. You may choose to take the Core test at any ETS testing center. The nearest center for computer-based testing is at UW-Oshkosh. For questions related to the Core test, call Testing Services in Polk Library (UW-Oshkosh), Room 3, at 920-424-1433.


Nonstandard testing accommodations are available for test takers with disabilities who meet ETS requirements. If you are requesting nonstandard testing accommodations, you must register by mail through ETS and have your accommodations approved prior to testing.

Test Preparation

Free “test-at-a-glance” preparation materials are available online from ETS. EBooks are affordable digital test preparation guides which can be ordered from the ETS website.  Core and Praxis II study guides are available at both the Polk Library (UW-Oshkosh) and the UW-Fox Valley Library. The Reading Engagement and Academic Development Center at UW-Oshkosh offers general assistance with test taking strategies.

Call 920-424-1031 for more information about Reading Engagement and Academic Development Center workshops.

Praxis II Test

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction requires all individuals who apply for an initial license after August 2004 to pass the Praxis II content test(s) for their area(s) of licensure.

The ACT program requires passing Core on the appropriate Praxis II content tests. You must provide an original Core report of passing Core on the Praxis II exam for either the Mathematics: Content Knowledge or General Science: Content Knowledge test before you will be allowed to student teach.

Computer Science5652TBAMathematics5161160

Praxis II Test Name  Test Code   Qualifying Score
Broad Field Language Arts 5038 167
English 5038 167
Journalism 5038 167
Speech 5038 167
Broad Field Social Studies 5081 153
Economics 5081 153
Geography 5081 153
History 5081 153
General Science 5435 154
Political Science 5081 153
Psychology 5081 153
Sociology 5081 153
Technology Education 5051 159

For additional information including dates, locations, fees and practice exams and Core reporting please visit the ETS website.


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