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Welcome to Plone

Welcome to your new Plone site

Welcome to your new web site!

Getting Plone Help at UW Oshkosh

For help using Plone, training, and support, please see the UW Oshkosh Plone Projects web site at

A sampling of resources we have available at

More Help on Generic Plone

If you need more information on Plone in general (as opposed to Plone at UW Oshkosh), the following are at the Plone web site (

How to Get Started With Your New Site

Here are things you can do to get going with your new site:

  • Log in (the "log in" link is at the bottom right of the page).  Once you've logged in, you may have to reload your browser page to see the new Edit, etc. tabs.
  • Replace the default banner image (the image between the gold "audience nav" and the blue "title bar" above).  Integrated Marketing and Communications (IMC) can help you with this (see their web site or contact Jeff Herzig directly).  Or, you can place any image you want into the "main-images" folder here as long as its size matches that of the default banner image.  Any images in the "main-images" folder will be displayed randomly whenever the page is reloaded.
  • Consider how you'll want to organize your new site into folders (and possibly subfolders), and go ahead and create those folders.  They will automatically appear in the site navigation portlet on the left side of every page.
  • Consider who you'll want to have editing content on your site.  See how to create the necessary groups and assign editing permissions to those groups.
  • Refresh your knowledge of Plone by attending more training classes.  See the IT training web site or contact Michelle Loker directly.
  • Come join us at our weekly Plone confabs (see above for more info on the confabs).
  • When you are ready to replace this default front page, click here.  This page will be renamed "help" and a new mostly-empty front page will be created for you.  If you need to find this help page again, just use the Search field at the top of every page and search for "help".