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Tim Moffitt, Operations Intern, Speedway

Tim Moffitt


My name is Tim Moffitt and I am going to be a senior in the fall here at UWO. I am a Human Resource Management Major and was able to be in an Operations internship with Speedway over the summer. I had the opportunity to travel to Indianapolis for the duration.

Alternative ways to find internships

Although UWO is great with providing resources to help us students find jobs/internships (i.e. Networking Night, Career Fair, Dining with Professionals, etc.) I encourage you to also use other resources. The app called GlassDoor lets the user sort through internships by area, major, etc. and I found a lot on there. I encourage you to start looking early in the semester, however, so opportunities don’t escape you. Personally, I found my internship on the Kelley School of Business site (Indiana University). I figured I would try and experience a different area, so found an internship with Speedway in Indianapolis. The Human Resource interns had already been selected, so the contact encouraged me to try for the Operations internship.

Connecting with other interns

As I was in Indianapolis for my internship, I didn’t know all that many people. I was able to connect with other interns in my position right at the beginning. Throughout the internship we had seen each other many times in meetings, leadership classes, and also working on projects and shadowing different positions together. I found this beneficial because we all formed a comradery and were able to approach each other with questions/concerns.

Typical day

My internship is very unique in that I have had several different positions throughout the duration of the summer. At first, I started out learning basic store operations at a Speedway location. Next, I began riding with a District Manager, who was in charge of 12 stores in an area. We dealt with a very wide range of issues and each day was different. I also had the opportunity of riding along with the Regional Marketing Representative, the Regional Human Resource Representative, and a Field Inspector.