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John Cismoski, Supply Chain and Operations Intern, Green Bay Packaging

John Cismoski

Obtaining my internship

My fall semester of my Junior year I was working for Bemis with the production planning department and decided I wanted to get experience in different aspects of the Supply Chain Major. There were no other Internship options that pertained to my major at Bemis so I began searching Titan Jobs and applying for the positions that interested me. Over Christmas break I mentioned how I was looking for a new position to my family and if they knew of any positions opening up to let me know. A few weeks later my aunt emailed me about an opportunity at Green Bay Packaging and gave me the email an employee in the HR department. I forwarded my resume to the HR department which was followed by an interview, which led to my current position at Green Bay Packaging.

Typical day

A typical day at my internship starts out by collecting all the paper PO’s, packing slips, invoices, work orders, and emergency work orders from the previous day. After I receive the paper documents I log onto our system and manually receive all shipments, verify quantities received, add pricing, and document machines downtime.  I forward all invoices to accounting so they can pay our vendors. After I enter the previous day’s documents I create and call in Purchase Orders per the maintenance department’s request. If an item is needed right away and a vendor has it in stock I will pick up orders with the company van to minimize the plants down time.

Internship seeking advice

When you start looking for an internship use all the resources you have. The University has so many great options including Titan Jobs, Networking night, and career fairs but don’t stop there. Both internships I’ve had I’ve found through either family or friends, and notifying them that you are looking for an internship can lead to opportunities you may not be aware of. Finally don’t be afraid to apply to certain positions because you feel under-qualified, employers know you may not know how to perform certain tasks and have great training programs to get you ready for your job.