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Interactive Web Management Internships

Nicole Brey, UWO College of Business, Social Media Intern

Nicole Brey


Junior year I switched from majoring in Psychology to majoring in Interactive Web Management. I knew very little about business but it was one of the best decisions of my life. The IWM major’s unique components of web development, business administration, marketing, computer science, journalism, and information systems drew me in. Psychology is still a huge interest of mine though. I am pursuing a minor in it to compliment my studies, but changing to IWM and obtaining an internship with the College of Business has skyrocketed me into a new confidence and success.

I am the Social Media Marketing Intern for the College of Business. The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is fully accredited (Undergraduate and Graduate) by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), an internationally recognized accreditation for business programs.

Obtaining My Internship

As I started my senior year in the fall, I had no concrete plans of finding an internship for fall or spring. In October, however, I received an email from Jessie Pondell, UW Oshkosh COB Professional Development Director, about the Undergraduate COB Marketing internship position that was available. I could not pass up the opportunity and interviewed for the position. This was my first interview for an internship position so the process was nerve-wracking. After interviewing with Jessie, she then recommended me to the COB Marketing Director who was searching for an intern. I applied for that position and became the Social Media Marketing intern for the COB. I started shortly after. I am incredibly ecstatic to have been granted this amazing opportunity.

Internship Progress

I have been in my position for about 4 months now. I am learning new skills and valuable information that will help me thrive in my future career. I have been working on various projects such as researching social media, creating info-graphics, updating important documents, helping transfer between the old and new COB website, helping at COB events, and creating content for the COB’s social media sites. I am also learning about using Adobe programs and video editing. I have developed greater communication, research, and networking skills as a result of my internship, to name a few. Sometimes I do doubt myself, become nervous of the work I have done, and deeply question my mistakes, but I think that is natural with any position. An internship is meant to help you grow and learn.

I am thankful for what this internship is teaching me, but I am also thankful for the amazing people who I have met and worked with. The environment is energetic and inviting with thoughtful and caring people. Everyone is very supportive, hardworking, and dedicated to their jobs. My initial fears of the new work environment almost automatically disappeared after the first couple of days. I think it is very important to find an internship or career where you feel comfortable and enjoy the atmosphere. You also have to go into the internship with excitement and drive in order to succeed.


Now I am more confident that I am making the correct decision in majoring in IWM because of my internship. I feel able to explore my interests and use what I have learned from my position throughout my life. I strongly suggest everyone to apply for internship positions sooner than later because it has had an extremely positive impact on my life. I highly recommend interning with the COB if you have the opportunity as well.