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Brandon Reynolds, Legal Intern, Oshkosh Corporation

Brandon Reynolds


My name is Brandon Reynolds, I’m currently a junior and I’m double majoring in marketing and economics. The position title I have at Oshkosh Corporation is Legal Intern which involves many aspects of Oshkosh Corporation. The corporation was established in 1917 and is a vast global organization that currently ranks 322 in the Fortune 500 rankings. Oshkosh Corporation has manufactures in eight U.S. states as well as eight countries, not including the U.S. Oshkosh specializes in producing extremely high quality vehicles; they include all types of vehicles from military vehicles to vehicles such as boom lifts and refuse trucks.

Obtaining My Internship

I was very fortunate in finding my Internship as I found out about the position through my professional network. A friend of mine told me about the opening and what the position entailed and I let them know that I was extremely interested in the opportunity. Within a few weeks I was contacted by Oshkosh to come in for an interview with what turned out to be my future supervisor and I was offered the job within a few weeks. I was very surprised at how fast the process progressed, but pleasantly surprised about the chance get my foot in the door at Oshkosh Corporation, an enormously successful company, so quickly. 

What I do

As the Legal Intern my job duties involve working under the supervision of the Associate General Counsel and other experienced legal staff and attorneys to complete projects relating to the corporate legal environment. Some examples pertaining to that definition include: reviewing and compiling information relating to commercial contracts, Coordinating projects involving corporate compliance, government contracts, and intellectual property. I also Assist with legal research work, perform day- to- day administrative activities to support the legal staff, and any other tasks that I can help out with. I deal often in exports and the legal documentation that is needed in order to export out of the U.S. 

Feelings before starting my internship

Before starting at Oshkosh Corporation I have to admit I was a bit nervous. I have had plenty of jobs in the past, but this was my first true internship so I didn’t truly know what to expect. I was obviously extremely excited for the opportunity, but still apprehensive. After a few days of asking around about the internships offered at Oshkosh Corporation my nerves were somewhat settled. I heard only good things about the company’s internship program from past and present interns and after being with the company for a few months I can see why. Oshkosh does an outstanding job of teaching and mentoring their interns and are incredibly understanding of student’s schedules which I greatly appreciate.