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Admission to the College of Business

Admission Criteria:

1) Minimum of 44 credits earned

2) Combined (cumulative, including transfer grades) GPA of 2.50 or above

3) Pre-core GPA of 2.50 or above (students admitted to UW Oshkosh BEFORE Fall 2012 are required to have a 2.20 Pre-core GPA or above)

4) Earned a grade of “C” or better in every Business Pre-core course

5) Completion of all Business Pre- core courses

*If you do not meet the admission criteria listed above, please see the Admission Appeal List Process page for more information

Admission Process:

Students are allowed to apply for admission to the College of Business if they have met all the Admission Criteria listed above. The application for admission allows the student to enroll in an unlimited amount of upper-level (300/400) business department courses and to declare a major.

1)      Students must make an appointment with a Business Advisor in the Undergraduate Advising Resource Center (UARC), Student Success Center Suite 202, and bring their current STAR to check admissions eligibility.   Students are encouraged to meet with their advisor about two weeks before their assigned registration date for the semester they plan to admit.

2)       Students will have a message on their STAR above their In-Progress Courses section indicating their application is pending review after their appointment. This indication means they are eligible to add as many 300/400 level business department courses that they would like as long as they meet other course prerequisites.

3)        Students who are taking BUS 284, Professional Skills in Business, in Fall 2015 or later at UW Oshkosh skip to #4.

           Students must create and submit their Professional Development portfolio (Self Awareness, Market Awareness, Professional Connections, Communication Skills and Technology Literacy) by creating a Portfolio in D2L and submitting it in the appropriate COB Admission course drop boxes by the deadline (listed below). For details, see the College of Business website: , or go to Sage Hall 1608, the College of Business Undergraduate Office.

4)      At the end of the current semester, and after the deadline (below), the applicant’s academic record will be reviewed along with the Professional Development portfolio if necessary and admissions decisions will be administered based on the criteria above. Transfer students must request final transcripts to be received by UW Oshkosh Admissions Office no later than January 1st for spring acceptance or June 1st for fall acceptance.

5)      Admission notification letters will be e-mailed to the UW Oshkosh e-mail account after the deadline (below); generally late July for fall admission, and late January for spring admission.

6)      The indicated major(s), minor(s) and emphases in the student's academic advising meeting will be added to the applicant’s records appearing on the STAR and transcripts near the beginning of the admit semester.  After that, the student’s advisor will be changed to a College of Business faculty advisor for each major declared.

Deadline to complete admission process: 
Fall admission deadline: May 20
Spring admission deadline: December 20

NOTE: Students not meeting the admission requirements (above) may be able to keep up to 21 credits of upper level business department courses.  However, they will be removed from all courses for which they do not meet the prerequisites

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