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Interactive Web Management

The Interactive Web Management area is an emerging field of academic study, designed to prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s careers. The degree blends facets of Business Administration, Marketing, Information Systems, Journalism, and Computer Science.

IWM graduates from UW Oshkosh are technologically savvy and know how to leverage the best online practices, including social media, to give their employers a competitive edge in the marketplace or start their own high-technology businesses. You will learn how to develop and harness collaborative technologies to help organizations improve how they interact with customers and clients, and better engage with their constituents.

The IWM degree is an interdisciplinary, cutting edge program that focuses on the design, development, delivery, and management of social media and other interactive web-based applications.

Interactive Web Management graduates will be able to think about a web-based user experience all the way from the business problem through the technical setup of the server software and web development, to a personalized user experience in a well-designed web system. More specifically, graduates of Interactive Web Management Major will be able to:

  1. Design, create, and manage rich and interactive collaborative technologies that enable creation and sharing of user-generated content and collaboration among users
  2. Apply online marketing/advertising/PR strategies, including: search engine optimization, social network penetration, user analytics, and other methods to brand and promote an organization
  3. Develop operational plans for harnessing emerging technologies to support business strategy and enhance the productivity of organizations
  4. Identify and develop ideas for new interactive technology products and services.
  5. Use modern multimedia tools to create and manipulate a range of rich digital multimedia
  6. Manage technology infrastructure to support delivery of interactive technologies
  7. Design and implement data collection and sharing mechanisms using modern database techniques
  8. Analyze and address ethical considerations of interactive technologies and online communities
  9. Apply state-of-the-art measures to provide privacy, security, and protection of information assets


We expect graduates will work on web development, web design, online brand presence, or web marketing in larger companies, but also have the ability to manage an entire web-based infrastructure for a small firm where one or two people might make up the entire IT staff. Students of this degree will be able to help organizations harness these technologies to create lasting solutions to today’s business challenges.

  • Web Developer
  • Social media specialist
  • Social media analyst
  • Online community manager
  • Web designer
  • Web Marketing manager
  • Chief Web Editor
  • Web Marketing Strategist
  • Web Marketing Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Marketing Web Developer
  • Web User Experience Designer
  • Digital Developer
  • Distribution Online Communication Manager
  • Producer of Community Social Media
  • Product Development Manager
  • Tech Savvy Bloggers
  • Web Producer
  •  Webmaster

There is great demand for people to work in this area. Students in the IWM major and the Web Presence Management emphasis are sought after by employers for internships and full-time positions.

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If you would like to contact someone about the Interactive Web Management major please contact Dr. Jakob Iversen at or 920-424-0166.

IWM Curriculum Information

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