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Business Analytics

This statistically rigorous emphasis was created to meet the current statistical/data analysis needs of businesses; accordingly the emphasis consists of three research-methods courses. Open to all Business and Economics majors.

Required courses: (course descriptions can be found HERE)
ECON 472, Time Series Analysis and Forecasting
ECON 473, Econometric Methods
BUSINESS 418, Marketing Analytics

Computer Science

Computer Science  

11 credits (requires an approved Business major) 

Required courses:  (course descriptions can be found HERE)
CPS 262, Object-Oriented Design and Programming II, 4.0 credits 
CPS 271, Data Structures, 4.0 credits

Plus three credits from:
CPS 251, Computer Organization and Assembly Language, 3.0 credits 
CPS 331, Programming Languages, 3.0 credits
CPS 337, Advanced Programming in Java, 3.0 credits
CPS 346, Web Software Development, 3.0 credits
CPS 371, Computer Graphics, 3.0 credits
CPS 381, Introduction to the Theory of Computing, 3.0 credits.

Courses in the emphasis may NOT double count for the IS major.

Cost Management

*Students may select only 1 of the 2 emphases in the accounting area. See Accounting Major for pre-requisite requirements.

Enterprise Systems (ERP) Technology Management

(9 cr) [Open to All COB Majors]

One of the most significant business developments of this generation is the creation of Enterprise-wide computing systems. These huge computer systems are now the backbone of all the major corporations in the US and around the world. Companies are constantly looking for IS experts to create, update and manage these systems.

  • INFO SYS 445 Introduction to Enterprise Planning Systems
  • INFO SYS 446 Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Configuration and Implementation
  • Plus three credits from (IS majors must take INFO SYS 481):
    • INFO SYS 481 Project Management
    • INFO SYS 314 Systems Analysis


Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

9 credits (requires an approved Business major)

This emphasis is recommended for students who have a career interest in starting a new business or small business ownership or management. Open to any business major.

Required courses: (course descriptions can be found HERE)
Business: MHR 373, MHR 475
Business*: select one of the following: ACCT 303, INFO SYS 314, FINANCE 326, FINANCE 351, FINANCE 337, FINANCE 320, SCM 343, MHR 383, MARKET 372, BUSINESS 374, MARKET 376,  431, FINANCE 436, BUSINESS 454

* course selected cannot be a course counted toward major

Financial Services

9 credits (requires an approved Business major)

This emphasis will allow students to broaden and expand their skills in financial services while pursuing a major in another area. Not open to finance majors. 

Required courses:  (course descriptions can be found HERE)
Business: FINANCE 333
Business: two from the following - FINANCE 340, FINANCE 334, FINANCE 351, FINANCE 440, FINANCE 320,  432, FINANCE 433

Healthcare Management

30-36 credits (requires an approved Business major)

This emphasis is recommended for students interested in careers in healthcare organizations. The Honors version of any course may be substituted. See a healthcare adviser for general education recommendations in support of this emphasis.

Required Courses:  (course descriptions can be found HERE)
CHEM 101 and 102 -or- CHEM 105 and 106 (meets the requirement for two General Education NS courses)
BIO 105 or 108, 211 or 308, 212 or 319, 233 or 309

Information Management

(9 cr) [Open to Non-IS Majors]

This emphasis is recommended for students who wish to be able to analyze, manage and use information systems within their functional area of expertise in business and to prepare themselves to work with information systems professionals in accessing information needs, developing requirements and implementing solutions. Not open to MIS majors.

  • INFO SYS 314 Systems Analysis and Design
  • INFO SYS 316 Networking and Telecommunication Systems
  • INFO SYS 481 Project Management
  • Course Descriptions


Insurance Program
The Center for Insurance and Risk Management seeks to be the premier undergraduate insurance and risk program in the Midwest.
Professional Designations
Insurance Advisory Council
Company Interaction
One page info flyer.pdf

International Management

9 credits (requires an approved Business major)

This emphasis will allow students to expand their knowledge of the international business environment beyond their major. Open to any business major. Not open to students with a minor in global business.

Required courses:   (course descriptions can be found HERE)
Group A (minimum of three credits)
FINANCE 335, 3 credits
BUSINESS 365, 3 credits
MARKET 375, 3 credits
BUSINESS 480, 3 credits
ECON 410, 3 credits
ECON 420, 3 credits
ECON 436, 3 credits

Group B (minimum of three credits)
BUSINESS 494, 3 credits
ECON 426, 3 credits
ECON 427, 3 credits
ECON 428, 3 credits
Or other approved study abroad, 3 credits

Sales Emphasis

Open to all majors; only 9 credits!

Required courses
: (course descriptions can be found HERE)

Marketing 331, 335 and 338. These three courses must be taken during the same semester as one set of co-requisites. All students with 60 or more credits may take the Sales Emphasis, and no prerequisites exist. The College of Business does limit non-business-majors to 21 credits of upper-level COB courses.

This nine credit emphasis focuses on Complex Sales, Professional and Business-to-Business sales. The ‘complex sale’ generally involves situations where buyers need customized solutions, purchase high dollar amount items, and where buyers need expertise and knowledge from salespeople. The Sales Emphasis involves three courses taught as one integrated experience. The program covers a basic sales process (the G.R.A.C.E. model) that includes customer onboarding, revealing needs, presenting solutions, addressing questions and objections, closing, and post-sale follow-up. The program includes some sales management areas such as hiring, motivating and compensating salespeople, forecasting and budgeting. The program also touches on added topics such as CRM systems, negotiating, and trade shows.

This emphasis is very ‘applied’. A typical semester includes some role-play sessions and hands-on exercises. A set of professionals who work in Sales and Sales Management participate in the program as members of the Sales Coaches Council. Some semesters include field trips and skill‑assessment tools used by actual companies. Readings comprise a set of practitioner oriented books.

For more information contact Professor Bryan Lilly, 424-7201,, Sage Hall 1449.

Supply Chain Management

9 credits (requires an approved Business major)

This emphasis will provide students with a more in-depth understanding of the workings of a company — resources, planning, production and distribution of finished goods and services. Not open to Supply Chain Management majors. 

Required courses:   (course descriptions can be found HERE)
Business: SCM 343, SCM 344
Business: one from the following -- SCM 342, SCM 441, SCM 445, SCM 449, SCM 460

Tax Planning

*Students may select only 1 of the 2 emphases in the accounting area. See Accounting Major for pre-requisite requirements.

Web and Mobile Development

(9 cr) [Open to all COB Majors]

The future is mobile! We see the smart phones and tablets all around us and for good reason. Those devices allow businesses to make their processes much more agile by giving employees the information they need at their finger tips. Developing web and mobile apps is very rewarding as you can immediately see your efforts be used by a large user group. With the web and mobile development emphasis, you will be able to create compelling apps and services in any company. Graduates with these skills are in very strong demand in the market place.


  • INFO SYS 432 Agile Web Design and Development
  • INFO SYS 433 Mobile Application Development 
  • Plus three credits from
    • INFO SYS 481 Project Management 
    • INFO SYS 445 Introduction to Enterprise Resource Planning Systems 
    • CS 347 Introduction to Usability 
  • Course Description

Web Presence Management

(12 cr) [Open to All COB Majors]

Businesses are facing unprecedented challenges in adapting to a new reality of social media, blogs, wikis, collaborative filtering, social search, user-generated content, mobile applications and social networking. This emphases is designed to provide you with knowledge about new technologies and media that you can use to supplement your skills in your existing major.

  • INFO SYS 151 Creating the Digital Future
  • Plus nine credits from
    • CS 125 Web Development
    • CS 347 Introduction to Usability
    • MARKET 463 Internet Marketing
    • INFO SYS 350 Internet Platform Management
    • INFO SYS 352 Technology Innovation
  • Course Description

Human Resources

(9 cr) [Open to all COB Majors]

A little HR knowledge can save your company thousands of dollars (maybe even millions)!  Did you know that most HR-related lawsuits are over mistakes made by managers and supervisors outside the HR area? Every future manager should know something about how to manage people.  With this emphasis, you can explore important areas of human resource management that can help to keep you and your future employer out of legal trouble while maximizing your effectiveness at managing the people that make up your organization.  To obtain an HR emphasis, complete 9 credits from the following courses:

  • MHR 382 Employee Relations (3 credits)
  • MHR 383 HR Staffing and Planning (3 credits)
  • MHR 384 Training and Development (1.5 credits)
  • MHR 385 Occupational Safety and Health (1.5 credits)
  • MHR 386 Compensation Management (3 credits)
  • MHR 387 Benefits Administration (1.5 credits)
  • MHR 388 HR Information and Metrics (1.5 credits)