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BUS 494

BUSINESS 494International Business Study Tour1 credit
Prerequisite: Admission to the College of Business.
Requirements for study tours includes: (1) travel to various countries directed by business faculty members to provide students direct contact with economic and business issues in other societies. (2) reading background material; (3) attendance at classes; (4) participating in field lectures; (5) writing a report and/or other assignments. For graduate credit, an additional research assignment, paper or project is also required. Course may be repeated for up to 6 total credits IF the student travels to different countries. Prerequisites: Consent of instructor (for undergraduate credit). Admission to full standing in the MBA program and consent of instructor (for graduate credit). All other students can take up to 21 credits of 300 and 400 level College of Business department courses, provided they have completed 60 credits with a combined GPA of 2.5 494/694