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Closed Class Policy

College of Business Closed Class & First Day Drop Policy 

After all sections of a course reach capacity
(including interim sections), a waitlist option will become available on TitanWeb.

  • Students can select up to 11 credits of waitlist classes through TitanWeb. This is including all university courses. Credits can be divided by signing up for multiple sections of the same course or all different courses.

  • The waitlist does not guarantee any student a spot in a course. The College of Business uses waitlists to determine course demands.

  • Waitlists are not first come first serve. Students will see a wait list number in their TitanWeb for courses they have added themselves to. However, the College of Business departments reserve the right to select students from the waitlist based on factors such as graduation date.

  • The waitlist option will be removed from TitanWeb on the 10th week of the semester to allow department chairs time to review students and select who is able to be added to the course. At that time, courses will remain closed and on department consent. Selections for enrollment will be determined by the Monday of the 12th week of the semester. The College of Business will enroll all students selected from the waitlists at that time. 

  • Classes will be taken off of department consent on the Tuesday of the 12th week. At this time, enrollment will resume as normal on a first come, first serve basis. Waitlists will not be created again.

According to the College of Business First Day Drop Policy:

Students have the opportunity to add a course on the first day of class. Students wishing to add a course can go to the first day of class of their desired section and check in with the instructor. If space allows and the instructor consents, students may be added at that time. Students who do not attend the first day of class are automatically dropped and students who attend the first day of class are given these seats.