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Students learn best practices directly from professionals active across the field of sales, both on-campus and through field trips to local companies. Below is the information students will need to plan their class attendance.

The program is normally offered during Fall and Spring semesters. Students complete all 9 credits in one semester.

  • Sales Fundamentals – MARKET 331
    Study the role of sales within a business, the various sales positions and the sales process. Take a sales assessment to learn what strengths you can leverage as a sales professional.
  • Sales Management – MARKET 335
    Explore issues associated with recruiting, coaching, motivating and incentivizing sales professionals. Learn about developing forecasts, budgets, goals and sales strategy.
  • Advanced Sales Topics – MARKET 338
    Improve communication skills through various interactive exercises. Learn about customer relationship management trade shows, negotiating and more.


Marketing Department
Heather S. Veeser
Sales Program Manager
(920) 841-0894

Semester activities

Activities vary across semesters and many involve professionals who join the course as part of our Sales Coaches Council. Highlight activities typically include:

Field Trips

Students visit regional companies and learn how they support their sales teams. A typical semester includes four field trips. 


Breakout Sessions

Students interact with professionals to understand how sales roles and practices differ across companies and industries.

Guest Speakers

Speakers share their personal experiences about how they deal with specific sales-related issues.

Meet the Partners

Students meet Sales Coach partners, learn about sales in partner companies/industries, partners share information about ride-alongs, and students sign up for ride-alongs.

Skills Packages

Students complete an assessment package used by companies in order to identify their sales-related strengths and weaknesses.

Sales Competition

Students test their sales skills individually and in teams. Prizes Awarded.

Sales Ride Along

During the Meet the Partners event, select partner companies, with whom you will visit.

The partner is typically a liaison and will connect you to potential hosts at their companies, and then you must connect with the host to schedule the interaction.

If you cannot reach your host, leave a voice message and follow up with an email, and then wait one day. If you have problems coordinating a visit please contact the UW Oshkosh sales program contact.


Sales Cup Leaderboard

The UW Oshkosh Sales Cup is a competition that involves several Role Play events, judged by sales professionals who help coach students throughout the semester.

PlaceCompetitorPoints: (after May 1 final semester event)
1Matthew H.1213
4Mason Da993

Enrolling in the Professional Sales Program at UWO was one of the best decisions in my 4 years there. I learned how to get out my comfort zone and push myself to grow professionally and personally. I can say nothing but positive things about this program. Not only did I meet the company I am currently working for, I also formed great relationships throughout the semester. I will be forever grateful for this program, and I highly recommend to anyone interested in it.

Haley Volstad

Management Trainee, Cintas Corp.

The connections and skills I built have not only helped me succeed in my professional life but also in my personal. I believe that every student at UWO could benefit from the Sales certificate even if you cannot envision yourself going into a sales role.

Riley Magit '23

Account Manager Associate, Amcor

The UWO sales program with Bryan Lilly is a program I will always remember and will never forget. I am continuously using the skills I learned in his class in my sales career today. Never throw away your binder and always reference for a successful sales future. ABC! 

Abigail Hayden, '18

Western National Sales Manager , Structural Concepts

I can’t say enough positive things about the Sales Emphasis as it was one of the single greatest academic experiences I was fortunate to have explored.

Working with the partner companies painted a realistic picture of the expectations in various sales roles and helped me identify what was most important to me in my future career.

Additionally, I learned the power of asking a good question and developed confidence when interacting with business professionals. The sales certificate served me extremely well through my college to career transition and can be thanked for many of my professional successes to date. 

Tony Steppan,'17

Service Manager, Cintas Corporation

Corporate Partners

Regional businesses are an important part of the UW Oshkosh Professional Sales program.  Professionals from several companies comprise our Sales Coaches Council. The professionals work closely with our faculty and students to deliver relevant learning across this challenging and diverse field.

Corporate partner contacts


Megan Navarette         Director of Business Operations 

Reece Lade                Account Manager

Sean Golden                Practice Lead-Construction Trades 

Alex Larson            Scientific Recruiter


Ranee Vanlerberghe Integrated Sales Manager 

Sherwin Williams 

Stephanie A Vertal  Talent Acquisition Specialist 

Zack Melnick                  District Manager 

Northwestern Mutual Greater Milwaukee/Appleton 

Amanda Sawatske         Director of Campus Recruitment & Development  

Payton Zimmer        Campus Coordinator        

Holly Murray               Executive Director of Recruitment  


Paige Owens                           Service Manager 

JX Truck Center  

Eddie Bin-mahfouz                              Corporate Sales Trainer 

Austin Freeman                           Business Development Manager 

Dan Vanden Heuvel Jr.              Regional Sales Manager 


Heileigh Savage            Talent Acquisition Specialist


Nick Hermus             Manager